VOTE NOW! What’s Your Thought on Android Market Alternatives?

As Android continues to grow, so does the number of players entering the app distribution game.  A few of today’s current alternatives include GetJar, SlideME, AppBrain, and OnlyAndroid.  Looking forward, we are hearing about app stores from bigger players like Verizon, Motorola, Amazon, and now Best Buy. We want to know – How do you feel about all of these options?  Is it absolutely awesome or completely confusing?  Where should the line be drawn?

Cast your vote in the poll below and let us know how you feel.  We even left a blank spot in there for you guys to add your own answer.  After you vote, jump to the comments and tell us why you said what you did!

  • Michal

    I would hate to have to check 4 different market apps to find what I’m looking for.

  • @Michal, agreed.

    My thoughts are as long as they are all in the official market somewhere, I’m happy. Stuff like AppBrain brings new stuff to the table; full reviews, better comments, group install process and a better explanation of each app.

  • Darkseider

    I love it! More markets, exclusivity deals and pricing structures for devs. Means more competition and eventually a better overall product in the end. This is a win/win for both the market providers and devs a like and the users will be the ones to benefit most.

  • Tansen

    Having more than one App store is completely unnecessary as long as there is one app store that has ALL of the apps. Also, Android users of AT&T will have many problems since AT&T locks down the hardware so that only android market apps can be installed. Best Buy stores, Amazon, Verizon stores or whatever will not be available, and we’ll have even MORE fragmentation. I really see no benefit to doing this, and in fact I feel it may be the downfall of Android compared to iphone. Besides, we could very easily just download the .apk off the internet and side load it (you can even do this on AT&T android). People just want to get what thye want without having to look through 6 different stores for it.

    • Ola

      When you wanna buy a new pair of trousers, don’t you go to several shops before you find exactly what you want?
      I have been to places where there is only ONE shop. It was calles the Soviet Union…

      • djbf

        sort of like liquor stores in washington state…

  • JoAnn

    I love the idea. I don’t see this as taking away from the base Android Market, more likely that it gives niche applications a place where they won’t get lost in the noise. I think of it as boutique shopping vs. department store. Each has its place.

  • Kwasi

    Since Google has restrictions with regards to what devices are allowed to access the Android Marketplace, I want to see other marketplaces. If you’ve ever had a device like an Archos (before someone hacked in the marketplace) or any other non-phone Android device, you will understand why Google’s current policy on the marketplace is inadequate.

    I want more app stores only because I’m not satisfied with Google’s. If everyone else does the same BS, then they’re just as useless.

  • timmyjoe42

    I think having multiple markets opens up huge security holes. Google may pull a harmful app, but GetJar may continue to list it.

  • Various App Markets are definitely not good for Android but they sure will keep Google on its toes. Google Market is yet not what it should be & these third-party App Markets come in handy when looking for advanced functionality. Here are a few other App Markets to find that next cool app or game

  • ChaosKiller

    Well I have been contacted about placing my apps on third party marketplaces. I rejected since I HATE IT.

  • Don’t forget for porn apps.

  • SirSteven

    for people not fortunate enough to live in the US or some other place with paid-app support in Google’s Market, there is no option but to use an alternative app store, or else poke around in darker corners of the interwebs for pirated apps. it’s Google’s fault for making such a royal mess of its Market, leaving me stuck in the dark-old days of Symbian, on some dodgy Russian forum trying to figure out which button says “download”. what a farce.

  • Agree, maybe this should make google step up their game.

  • tkj tkjtkj

    If each market presented the same ‘universe’ of android apps, then fine if there’s lots of markets …BUT each and ever market shojuld be required to list ALL the markets which offer the same app in question ..

    Cuz , as a person above mentioned, it’d be a major hassle to hunt thru what could evolve to be 100 diff markets trying to find what we want!

  • android ftw!

    I think that alternatives are important to customers who are in regions that google didnt liscene the android market for them yet….yes it is true google did licene the android market for the cariers and regions and their numbers are increasing but still there are so many countries left behind….i remember back in 2008 when i got my htc magic i found out that it didnt have android market which was frustrating…i was going for the alternatives which was great but still i wanted a taste of the android market so i flashed it to an official firmware and now new phones dont really have this problem any more but who knows…..

  • Rob

    For me, it’s essential, since the only well supported Android phones you can get in China are not allowed to connect to Google’s market. Otherwise, if Google and the CCP could end their feud, I’d be happy to use a single official app store.