IcyCell Battery Door for the HTC EVO 4G

This summer, HTC hosted a smartphone-centric event in Chicago. The affair focused on the newly-released HTC Aria, and was truly a fantastic event. In addition to hors d’oeuvres, drinks and a plethora of over-zealous Android fans, a number of Aria handsets were on display. One such display featured a Aria with clear battery door. In case you don’t know, HTC has added a splash of color to the interior of a number of their phones. The interior of the Aria is yellow, while the EVO and Incredible feature a red interior. Perhaps they feel it adds a bit of panache to their handsets. I certainly think it does. I liked the idea of a clear battery door so much that, upon returned home, I scoured the internet for a clear battery door for the HTC EVO 4G. There were a number of clear cases, but I was unable to find a clear battery door.

The following day, I created a thread on xda-developers.com regarding a clear battery door for the EVO in the hopes that someone would know where I could find one. A few days thereafter, a fellow xda member named Joey announced that he liked the idea and was going to make a mold of his battery door. Two months later, Joey has produced and shipped clear, red, blue, yellow, black and white battery doors for the EVO.

Within two days of purchasing the clear IcyCell battery door for my HTC EVO 4G, it arrived at my door. I immediately noticed that the IcyCell battery door is slightly thicker than the stock battery door on the EVO. Fortunately, it does not add much girth to the device. It is, however, a more durable, higher-quality battery door. It also fits more snugly than the stock battery door, which has been known to creak and flex due to its thin, flimsy construction. The IcyCell battery door is considerably more difficult to remove as a result of its rigidity, but a knife or key should do the trick.

One of the main complaints about the HTC EVO 4G is that it rests on the camera lens when lying flat on a surface. This results in a scratched camera lens, an issue that I have experienced firsthand. The IcyCell battery door eliminates this issue by utilizing two rails that raise the phone slightly while it is lying face-up. I did notice that there is a small gap between the battery door and the frame of the phone near the headphone jack. This may seem like a cause for concern, but I have yet to see an increase in pocket lint or dust inside the battery door since installing it on my phone.

The IcyCell battery door for the HTC EVO 4G is a welcome improvement over the stock battery door. Its durable construction and eye-catching aesthetics will add a unique flair to any EVO. Purchase one because it is more durable than the stock battery door. Purchase one because it is fabricated out of a higher quality plastic than the original battery door. Purchase one because it displays your phone’s eye-catching interior. Purchase one to support an individual instead of a large company. Most importantly, purchase one because it looks pretty darn cool.

Joey has now expanded the IcyCell line to include blue, yellow, red, black and faux carbon fiber battery doors, in addition to the original clear battery door. The aforementioned doors range in price from $13.95 to $24.95, and can be purchased at www.icycell.com. For more information on the production process and questions regarding the various battery doors, hit the links below.

Production Thread

Original Thread

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  1. eabrego67
    October 12, 17:46 Reply

    Been looking for something like this myself. Just added it ti my birthday wish list.


  2. tkj tkjtkj
    October 13, 13:03 Reply

    If the Evo is anything like the Nexus One, the camera lens is NOT that clear window on the back of the phone: that is just a protective thin sheet of plastic .. The real lens is behind it and therefore very unlikely to become scratched in normal use.

    If a scratch does appear on that window, it also will be sooo totally out of focus that its max effect on photo quality would be to decrease image contrast … you will never see any ‘scratch mark’ on any pic…

  3. PC
    October 13, 14:42 Reply

    Purchase one because it’s made in the USA!
    Purchase one because it’s awesome!

  4. Patrick
    October 23, 13:45 Reply

    Buyer beware!

    I ordered the product based on this review. Product shipped quickly and arrived in one piece. It’s definitely more durably constructed and looks cool.

    The fit is poor with gaps at all four corners. Could just be that the one I received was defective. Here’s where the buyer needs to be careful: there are NO refunds and the NO exchanges. In fact, the seller’s “Shipping & Returns” policy basically says no returns are allowed because he’s 100% certain none are needed, the product will always be perfect. I’ve worked for a long time in manufacturing of everything from apparel to high-end servers and storage arrays- no manufacturing process is 100% perfect.

    Attempted to communicate with the seller who ignored me. Escalated to Paypal who “investigated” and ruled it wasn’t their problem.

    Buyer beware: you better be willing to piss away $17.95 plus tax because you aren’t going to see your money again if you don’t like the product.

    • Nick
      January 12, 11:19 Reply

      I second this 100%.

      The fitment is of the worst quality I’ve ever seen in a “final product.”

      • greg
        February 09, 12:51 Reply

        I will have to agree that this is a poor product. The camera hole isnt in line with my camera lens and has managed to dislodge the red ring that is glued to my camera lens. I emailed seller and no response…

        • Kevin
          February 17, 13:36 Reply

          I found the same thing. This product is terrible. The cheap chinese cases fit better then this. Seller wont respond at all. Please dont buy

  5. Dave
    February 20, 21:25 Reply

    This fit my phone perfectly. It really makes the phone look so much more polished.

    • Dave
      February 20, 21:26 Reply

      Forgot to add, I only paid 10.00 and figured I would give it a shot. For 10 bucks I would support the project. Did you guys see that he worked with a ton of people on XDA to develop this?

  6. Matt Karp
    June 25, 02:02 Reply

    I agree with all the complaints. Product is cheap. Doesn’t fit phone well. I ordered a clear one and was shipped a GOLD colored one. Sent many emails asking for what I ordered and never got a reply, nothing at all. My wife sent a complaint to BBB. Big waste

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