January 27, 2015

Sony Starts Taking Developer Inquiries for Google TV Apps

Sony is currently in the midst of a Google TV keynote in New York , but the hardware maker began making developer-friendly moves earlier today.  The company has opened up their registration page for developing apps on their Bravia GT1, dedicated set-top boxes, and/or other television models.  We’re waiting for the event to unfold to be certain, but look for the GT1 to range from 24-46 inches.  If you’re considering developing apps for Google TV, this would be a great place to start!


  1. choder

    “An error occured while registering your user account. Please try again later.”

    Fucking brilliant start!

  2. basha

    its works, jus provide firstname, lastname, email and pass then press enter…. seems sony is quite in a hurry to handle all entries of form data