T-Mobile to Push out Froyo to myTouch 3G Starting Tomorrow

T-Mobile is about to start making good on their promise to leave no (myTouch) phone behind.  According to information obtained by TmoNews, the carrier is set to roll out Android 2.2 to the original myTouch 3G handset starting tomorrow.  Expected to run until the October 25, this particular update is only intended for the first myTouch 3G phone – the Fender Edition, myTouch 3G Slide, and refreshed 3.5mm myTouch will need to be patient.  Once completed, users will see all the great Froyo features, but a few other T-Mobile specific tweaks.  Look for your myTouch 3G to look more in line with the myTouch 3G slide when it’s all said and done.

According to TmoNews, these are the features that come with the update:

Primary Improvements Included with This Update

  • New Fully Integrated Exchange Client
  • Improved security: Numeric pin and alpha-numeric password options have been added to unlock the device. Exchange administrators can enforce password policy across devices.
  • Remote wipe: In the event a device is lost or stolen, Exchange administrators can remotely reset the device to factory defaults to secure data.
  • Exchange calendars: Exchange calendars are now supported in the Calendar application.
  • Auto-discovery: With just a user name and password users can easily set up and/or sync an Exchange account (available for Exchange 2007 and higher).
  • Global Address Lists look-up: This functionality is now available in the E-mail application, enabling users to auto-complete recipient names from an entire directory.
  • Faves
  • Faves Gallery gives customers quick access to the 20 people who matter most.Customers can scroll through their Faves Gallery and instantly see the most recent communication from their top 20 Faves – calls, texts, emails, instant messaging, and social networking updates – and respond in a flash.

New Home Screen Features

  • Home screen Tips widget provides tips on how to configure the home screen with shortcuts and widgets and how to make use of multiple home screens.
  • Market widget lets you keep on top what’s hot on Android Market, showing featured apps right on the home screen.
  • Live wallpapers are available on Android Market, such as Aquarium, Google Maps and many others.
  • Phone, All Apps and Browser now have dedicated shortcuts on the home screen, making it easy to access them from any of the five home screen
  • panels.

Improved Communication Features

  • Gmail app enhancements: Include quoted text from the body of an e-mail message Navigate quickly using on-screen previous/next buttons Identify e-mails using colored labels See inline images in messages
  • Calendar app now supports multiple Google and Exchange accounts
  • Google Talk app lets users search for buddies from the Search key
  • Google Voice app now uses Inbox Synchronization so new messages are received in a matter of seconds
  • Quickcontact is now available in Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Voice, right from your device. Users tap on a contact image to access various ways to reach that person, such as call, SMS, e-mail, etc.

Other: Improvements to the camera and camcorder, ability to add multiple languages to the keyboard, enhancements to Google Maps, YouTube app, Facebook app, and Twitter app.

  • Wodge

    I have a HTC Magic (Vodafone uk) and every FroYo rom I’ve tried has been so sluggish and slow, I’ve gone back to Super D every time, will this official update be the same? Can’t see many people who don’t root and flash roms being happy with the performance (and numerous force closes) with this official update if it’s not up to scratch.

  • Dan

    Hello, How i do the upgrade on my touch?
    Thank You

  • Dan

    sorry I mean, Update. How updated My Touch? Thank You.

  • Matt

    It should be OTA (over the air). Funny, I just got rid of my original Mytouch thinking the update would never happen. Now I have to wait longer because I have a slide. Wierd.

  • Will

    Ok. Cool… I hope the update to the MyTouch Slide is next. I am kinda bitter that for some reason my “2.1 android device” doesn’t support live wallpapers….

  • Jay

    So the difference between the original myTouch 3g and the 3.5mm myTouch is? Why wouldn’t they just update all at the same time? Rediculous.

    • MT3guser

      They use 2 completely different boards and basically are 2 completely different phones with the same outer shell. Plus the Mytouch 1.2 has almost double the memory. The Mytouch fender is a hybrid between the original mytouch and the mytouch 1.2. All 3 phones use completely different drivers and would require different coding.

      Hope this helps. Plus the original mytouch has been out a year longer than the Mytouch 1.2 so the original mytouch is way past due for an update. :]

  • I hope this update isn’t going to make my MT3G run slower than it already does.

    • Mike

      David. Just got automated update. myTouch is zippy now! Hope it helps yours as well.

  • Roshan Shrestha

    Last week, after I lost patience with TMobile, I installed the latest Cyanogen Mod 6.

    Since this TMobile update will not apply to me now, what am I missing?

  • Alberto

    Is there still hope of Froyo for us HTC Hero owners?

  • David

    hoping this was an oversight in the article but multitouch should also be a major improvement to upgrading to 2.2. Is this correct?

  • oaussieo

    Will the update include Swype? it is one thing that is lacking on theses phones

    • xarophti

      I have Swype on my MyTouch. Signed up for the Beta. I don’t know if they’re going to re-open it again, but you could try to register on their site. If they don’t, they will surely be bringing it to Market at some point.

    • Tink

      My MT3G Slide came with Swype installed by default.

  • Vicky

    Hey, so did anyone get this update?? I gave my friend my old (rooted) mytouch, but she doesn’t really need the root so I was thinking about unrooting it and then getting this one on there. But I’m not going to go through all the trouble if it hasn’t been pushed through yet.

  • Tyrone

    Will the 2.2 update include Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application which T-Mobile claims will be on the myTouch® and Motorola DEFY™ with MOTOBLUR™?

    • Keith

      No it does not… the “MyTouch referred to in this is the new “MyTouch” aka the MyTouch4G.

  • Andy

    Mine updated today… Finally

  • juandabomb

    i just got the froyo update,only one issue so far and thats importing my contacts from my sim card. is anyone else out there having the same problem? :-/

    • Dragon

      are you sure you had them stored on your sim card? Most phones do NOT by default. Android devices will sync with gmail (or at least should by default) Checkout the section i posted to ellen it may help (couple posts down). storing numbers on sim is really only a last resort. One number per contact, max 250 contacts usually, no email, notes, address…ick.

  • hope

    i just got the update today.. my phone is lagging and running slower than ever. i cannot, for the life of me, access my text messages. every time i click the icon, the screen goes black and after about five minutes says it is not responding and i have to force close. hopefully they work out these kinks, i was excited at first but now thoroughly irritated.

  • Ellen

    When they pushed the new software to my phone, it wiped out ALL my contacts. Apparently, they had not been automatically saved to my gmail contacts so they are all gone. They are telling me it is not possible to recover them. They (t-mobile) are throwing the blame at HTC and say there is nothing they can do for me and it is not their fault. Has this been a common complaint?

    • Dragon

      1st: try logging into the gmail account you used when you first setup your phone. Hopefully they’re hiding here. (if so a re-sync should pull them over)

      then: make sure it doesnt happen again. from the home screen “Menu button > settings > accounts and sync settings… You dont have to use auto-sync (i reccomend it. if you lose your phone or break it you’ve still got contact data.) if you dont then try to make a schedule. once a week+ (or whatever)

  • laura

    still havent gotten the upgrade. im getting very impatient. does anyone know when they will be getting to me and y i still havent gotten it.

  • joshua

    Just called tmo. They said all mytouch will get froyo by December 15. Dissapointing as how I’m still waiting for it on this phone but on the first mytouch that got the upgrade, it actually bricked my phone and had to go through warrantee.

  • Paul

    ^That’s good to know because I was about to give TMobile a call about froyo for the MT3G with the 3.5mm earphone jack. My bosses all got froyo already and I’m sitting here waiting, haha.

  • papo

    what taking so long to get 2.2 androids for mytouch 3g silde and t moblie