Android Used to Keep Cities Clean

Have you ever been driving though an area of town, or perhaps your own city and thought, “Man, they really should clean this place up?” Well, in Toulouse, France, Défi Propreté has teamed up with Android and has given out 90 HTC Desires to its agents to help clean up the trash in the city.  Basically, it uses the GPS in the phone to report people that have let their bins overflow, or if a company has failed to pick up the trash.  The application allows the agents to send a voice comment, photo, and the GPS Location of the offending site.  

The local government in Toulouse is excited about the beta testing and is hoping to officially roll it out, but not without controversy from the citizens.  They feel there are bigger problems than trash, but what do you think?  We all know an area that needs cleaned up.  Would you go through the trouble of snapping a picture or leaving a voice comment to tattle on someone? Would you like to see this come to the United States?

  • Luke Wallace

    I was using my Android phone to report people on for littering almost 2 years ago. I wish they had an android app to make it easier, and tag the location, take a picture, etc. Maybe I’ll shoot them an e-mail.

  • Of course people are going to complain about government expenditure, but I think in this case, it’s completely justified – this could be the first step in providing on-demand city services using data-capable products.

  • Nick

    off-topic: I think you should reconsider the article’s title. At first I thought people were tossing Android phones around their cities. hahaha

  • deraildoax

    I think its a great idea to automate things like this, excessive filth is a code violation here in my town. We’ve taken to cleaning up our neighborhood ourselves because some of the neighbors are too lazy to clean up their own mess. Our area was starting to get a little to dirty and we’re starting to have a lot of passing thru drug deals and stolen cars abandoned due to the slumminess. So I think it would be great to be able to report to my city when someone throws a TV out on the curb in front of their house that sits there for months, or people with Appliances on their lawns. I think Android should be the platform of choice for all smart-phoning tho.

  • Lemon

    If people think there are bigger problems than trash they need to go walk round any city or rural area in Vietnam for a while.

    How a city deals with trash is emblematic of it’s infrastructure as a whole.

  • Stacey

    Yes, I would love to see this for Graphiti, trash etc. Would make it easier for cities for follow up on and citizens to document complaints/response.

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