Grooveshark for Android Gets Big Update, Users Rejoice!

Popular streaming music site, Grooveshark,  has updated it’s Android client in a big way.  With the new update, you can now stream not only your playlists, but also your friends’ playlists to your Android device.  In addition to this, you can also find genre-based stations, save stations to use later, or save or repeat queues that are remembered in your preferences, bluetooth connectivity, and finally, the app now has integration with LastFM. Grooveshark has also taken it upon themselves to correct on of the biggest flaws we found in its app: frequent inaccessibility to songs in it’s library unless accessed through Wifi.  Grooveshark has corrected this flaw and now, there are WiFI songs available over mobile networks for your enjoyment. We like where Grooveshark is going, good job guys.

We should mention that you do need a subscription to Grooveshark to use the service, but there are free options on the site.  Check out Grooveshark today, and grab the app from the market.

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    • Snaga
      October 14, 15:21 Reply

      Earlier this year they offered a year of VIP access, which includes mobile, free with the purchase of a $15 t-shirt. Hopefully they will do things like that doing forward.

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