Kindle for Android to Come Preloaded on Fascinate, Droid 2, and Droid X

Verizon announced today that new models of the Samsung Fascinate, Moto Droid X, and Droid 2 will come with the Kindle Android app preloaded. The Kindle for Android app gives users access to over 700,000 books, which they can download and read right on their Android device. We’re assuming that the newest shipments of the above devices will be the first to come with the app preinstalled. If you don’t already have Kindle for Android, search for “Kindle” in the Android Market or scan the QR code below It’s a great app and definitely worth a look.

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    • Mac
      October 16, 11:23 Reply

      Learn. To. Root.

  1. Nick
    October 13, 21:47 Reply

    MY T-Mobile Vibrant came preloaded with the Kindle app

  2. Dan
    October 13, 22:38 Reply

    My DroidX was preloaded with it right from Launch.

  3. Johan
    October 14, 05:22 Reply

    Preloads would be fine IF you could uninstall them.

    And there are worse preloads out there than the Kindle app. At least it doesn’t start automatically every now and then to waste battery by scanning the sdcard in the background despite that I’ve never ever used it as one of the preloads on my phone does. *sigh*

  4. Keefers
    October 14, 07:57 Reply

    Users should be given the option to delete preloads!

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