Notion Ink Gives Us a Taste of Adam Multitasking

The Android tablet race is heating up. One of the front runners is the Adam, made by Notion Ink. The company’s highly anticipated 10.1″ tablet’s multitasking feature was shown off. The feature, which allows you to view more than one application at a time, is certainly revolutionary. This would reduce the need for the user to switch back and forth from, let’s say, the internet browser and an email.

Certainly a time saver, and will also surely save a lot of people frustrations when it comes to getting work done. As for applications that are not currently active, the Adam will out them into a deep sleep type mode, which will mean that they will not affect power consumption.

Do you think this will help or hurt the user?

Source: Electronista

  • DThor

    Seems like a gimmick. Revolutionary? The OS has been multi-tasking out of the gate, almost no apps interact with each other, so all I see this as is yet another interface to fiddle with. I don’t think it’s *bad* – but seriously, how many apps do you need to see *in action* at a given time? Want to see Twitter updates? That’s what widgits are for. To me, a fast and efficient way to flip between apps is something I’d rather see. This provides that to a degree, but it’s too fussy and is overkill. Let the OS manage the multi-tasking, just give me a fast way to flip between apps. Isn’t that the way every other OS handles things?

  • Nathan

    if this is always on then i can see it annoying the hell out of me personally.

    Now if they did it in a way like windows 7, where i could like drag the top or bottom of the app to the side of the screen and that locks it there, i could see it working.

    I know there are times where i would love to have my messaging and web on the screen at the same time. but 95% of the time i doubt i’d have use for this.

    • Mike Donovan

      I believe that it will be optional, and very much like Windows 7’s “snap” feature.

  • Will

    I see this as a good thing.
    It’s optional so you don’t have to use it.

    I used to be happy with one monitor on my computer and only seeing one maximised window at a time but when I got dual monitors set up, I instantly saw the benefit.
    Do I need two monitors? Of course not. It is a lot nicer though!

    In reality there is nothing new here, multiple windows is a basic element of computers. It’s something other tablets don’t have though.