Send and Receive SMS from PC/Mac with TalkMyPhone

TalkMyPhone recently introduced an Android app that allows users to handle messaging in a whole new way. TalkMyPhone sends you notifications of incoming SMS messages, phone calls, and battery states via Jabber, meaning you get the notification right from Pidgin, Adium or whatever other IM client you use. You can then reply to SMS messages by simply responding to the IM, putting “reply” before your message.  The free application does have a few initial settings to go through for both phone and computer, however when you’re all done, the time saving begins!  Thanks to Lifehacker for the info on this new app and for the image.  Download TalkMyPhone for free from the market.

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  • John

    Or you could just use Google Voice…

    So could the Google Voice user in that screenshot…

    • Michael

      My thoughts exactly…

  • Sheelse Sheelse

    I recommend to use This is very useful and nice app to manage smses through the website.