Sharp IS03 has 960×480 Resolution screen

Every time I see an iPhone 4 commercial, they never fail to tout the “amazing retina display” that’s “only on the iPhone 4″. Well, a new contender has stepped up to take the iPhone’s screen head on. No, it’s not a Samsung, HTC, or even a Motorola device. It’s made by Sharp. The Sharp IS03 sports a nifty little 3.5-inch “Super View” screen, which boasts a resolution of 960×480, matching the iPhone 4’s retina display. Oh yeah, did we mention that the IS03 also has a 9.6 megapixel HD autofocus camera and a TV tuner?

The IS03 is currently only available in Japan. The screen technology will most likely make it to the States sooner or later, but as for the IS03, we can’t set anything in stone yet. But it doesn’t hurt to dream..

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  1. Dragonthe
    October 13, 14:48 Reply

    why that enormous edge around the screen? >_<

  2. Wade
    October 13, 16:14 Reply

    Looks horrible with that gigantic bezel, and it’s a Sharp product. Double fail!

  3. Theweakend
    October 13, 23:41 Reply

    you realize by the time it gets out of japan it’s not going to have a tv tuner any more…

    October 25, 08:39 Reply

    If you think buy this device…read for more details….SHARP don t support phone users for OFFICIAL UPDATE OF ANDROID SYSTEM…The device is locked the you can t root for update by own…Look for something not is japanese brand…like SAMSUNG GALAXY as can rooted easily;…To buy a lock phone is best you took the IPHONE by APPLE….

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