Sony opens registration for Google TV devs

Sony is now accepting registration for developers who want to get in on their Sony Internet TV. Also known as the NSX-46GT1, the Sony Internet TV is the first HDTV to incorporate the much-anticipated Google TV, which we first reported on back in May. This is big news for Google TV fans, because it means that developers can soon begin making their own killer apps for the Sony Internet TV, and of course, later Google TV devices. I’m sure we’ll all be jumping from TV shows to web pages and back on our TVs in no time.

For any developers that want to register, check out the Sony Internet TV registration page. Who’s excited for Google TV?

  • steve

    Stoked about google TV… reminded of the line from Cable Guy… “SOOOOON everyone wil integrated their phone television and computer!”

  • The very fact that they are ‘opening registrations for developers’ tells me there is some kind of platform lockdown going on here, which in turn tells me everything I need to know about this product. Avoid.

  • Anyone been able to use the page to register? Doesn’t work for me 🙁