G2 Source Code Released Courtesy of HTC

HTC is keeping with their tradition of releasing the kernel code to new handsets with the latest being the Desire Z (T-Mobile G2).  Like they recently did with the Droid Incredible and EVO 4G, HTC sets most of the code free for developers and ROM makers to tinker with.  Of course some of the secret sauce stays with the handset maker, but this is more than enough to get started on your own builds!  Hit the HTC Developer Center for the Desire Z – Froyo – 2.6.32 kernel source code as well as others.

Source: AndroidPolice

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  1. Crutis
    October 14, 13:22 Reply

    I don’t think it’s a “tradition.” It’s legally binding via the GPL that they publish their kernel source, and probably everything else that got released.

  2. BAoxymoron
    October 14, 14:38 Reply

    So how are you going to be able to do roms if reverts to stock at every reboot?

    • Ryan
      October 14, 17:26 Reply

      There must be a back door. How else would the HTC or tmobile submit fixes to the phone if it always reverts back to the original rom?

      • andy
        October 14, 23:02 Reply

        Its not so much as a back door as a private key or code statements that temporarily allows writes to the memory card from what i’ve read.

        • Omar
          October 18, 15:00 Reply

          Something like Wyse terminals that only allow writes once the write filter is turned off.

  3. Sal
    October 18, 16:33 Reply

    thought the G2 was the HTC Vision.

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