The Latest and Greatest….With Looks!

Alright Gals, we all don’t like to admit it, but what is one of the most important things to a gal? How something looks? I’m not sure about you, but I want the latest and greatest, and I want it to look good too!!  So lets take a look at your android device. Does it look a lot like what it did when you first powered it on? Something as awesome as Android was made with a lot of things in mind and one of the most important things is customization!! These devices were made to be personalized, and the first step is wallpaper!

Here is a Gallery of GIRLY wallpapers that will be updated constantly, these can be found at Android Girly Wallpapers The easiest way to snatch one of these up is to view it from your phone,  pick your favorite, hold down on the screen (right click) and select “set as wallpaper”.

Now later on I will go into a little bit about Widgets, but here is why I’m NOT going to tell you to add all your shortcuts to your favorite Apps on you home-screen. You know you don’t want to clutter up that pretty new girly wallpaper!  I’m about to let you in on a top secret App, one you will LOVE me for. Okay its not top secret, but its so awesome it should be! Go into the Market Place, download and install LauncherPro.  After installed, check out your home-screen.  What’s that funky rectangle down at the bottom, well my dear, that is a dock, your new BFF!  By default shortcuts to your Phone, Contacts, App Drawer, Text Messages, and Internet Browser will be there.  Now swype your finger right to left, or vice versa on the dock. These are all available slots for shortcuts!!! The more you use your phone, the more you will love your dock! You will want to switch it up a bit after you decide what shortcuts and where you want them.  To do that simply just hold down on that short cut, or “right click”, and the options for that dock shortcut will appear.  As well as those individual settings, there is now a preference option under menu.  From here you can do cool things like hide apps, have up to 7 home-screens, change your home key action, and much more! After you get it set up, don’t forget to customize your appearance settings and then backup your home screens and settings.

Okay, now our phone looks soo much better!!!!! Let’s move on, Widgets.  Most likely you know what this funky word means, but just in case I’ll to a little quick explaining.  Widgets are the queen of personalization! The definition of a widget; widgets can maximize screen space use and may be especially useful in placing live data-rich applications on the device’s home-screen. So with a widget, you are saving home-screen space and time, you won’t have to go open that program, it will be right in front of your eyes!  Keep in mind, to have widgets to choose from you are going to have to have Apps downloaded that provide them.  For App ideas, visit AndroidGuy’s App Reviews. After using your phone for a while you will get to know what Apps you use more, and from there you can decide on how you want to customize your home-screens with widgets. To add a widget simply be on your home-screen press menu>add>widgets> then have fun!

I hope you got something from my long rant, and that your Android device is now glowing with your personality.  Don’t be scared to go through settings on Apps, you will be surprised on what you find.  This is your phone, make it look so good you have no choice but to show it off!!

More on LauncherPro

Nick Menzo was gracious enough to pass along a video review he recently completed showing some of the awesome features of LauncherPro.  Check it out below!

  • qvittle

    There’s a typo. It should be LauncherPro, with a “u” and yes, it is really awesome. Also, you can add swype shortcuts. You access these by swyping across the main shortcut. Just make sure you swype across the whole pic because it doesn’t like short ones

  • staciedaisy

    Thanks gvittle, the typo is corrected, and you are correct about the swype gestures. Just hold down on the main shortcut and select swipe gesture action. This will allow you to swype up on that shortcut to launch another shortcut! ENJOY! ♥

  • Camdace

    Where can I find the collage heart wallpaper above? I didn’t see that one in the Android Girly Wallpaper collection.

    • staciedaisy

      I’m sorry Camdace, i’m working on that now, we are having sharing issues with the gallery! I will post back up when it is there!

  • Trina

    Wallpapers look great, but they are too blurry when I save them to my Intercept.

  • Candace

    Thanks Staciedaisy! I’ll keep checking back.

    They were blurry for me, also. When click the one you want, when it opens… in the upper right corner there’s a zoom button. Hit that and it will reload the image as a larger picture. Save that one.

  • staciedaisy

    @Trina, I’m sorry, they look great on my EVO! That was just the easiest way to get it there, maybe next time you are at a desktop, save that picture to your PC and email it to yourself. Let me know!!

  • opiate46

    ADW is far more customizable that LauncherPro.

    • drdrewdown

      maybe there will be an article on ADW someday, until then quit trolling.

    • I used to think so too, but its simply not the case. I really enjoy all the stuff you can do with LauncherPro. Give it a shot and see what I mean. They have made a lot of improvements since it first came out.

      • staciedaisy

        Thanks a bunch Nick, i appreciate you contributing!!!

  • staciedaisy

    @Candace , the wallpapers have been updated ♥

    • Candace

      Woo hoo! Thanks! I really like the collage heart!

      • staciedaisy

        No problem!! me too! its my FAV!!!!

  • Jenelle

    Thank you so much for posting the first girl-aimed article I’ve read in all my Android blogs! 🙂

    I like a lot of the wallpapers (and I’m really not that girly, per-se, but LOVE pink!!) and love all the pink ones.

    I just recently plunked down the $ for Launcher Pro Plus, and I gotta say I love it… but ONE aspect is REALLY bugging me! My widgets and icons get all squished together when I have the phone in landscape. I tried returning the default setting of columns & rows, but it still looks crappy to me… any ideas/suggestions? I don’t know why, but it’s a deal-killer for me. I use my car dock & multimedia station a lot and would love to figure out a solution to get my money’s worth ($3). I also don’t like how it re-sizes my Motorola widgets oddly. The title bar (i.e. “Messages” for my email widget) doesn’t re-size in the same way that it does when not using Launcher Pro.

    PS – I think you should encourage all the girls to post screenshots of our screens. I saw that on another blog/post but they were all manly & boring (LOL, I kid). I just don’t know what program to use.

  • Toya

    Hi, I noticed that on the video and the pic that the fonts on the phone is different and the icons on top are different too and I was wondering how did he changed his system fonts and icons.How did u make the taskbar on top pink?

    • staciedaisy

      When using CyanogenMod aka CM6, you have the ability to tweak and much more. Including the notification/status bar colors as well as text colors & more.

  • xarophti

    On the subject of looks, digging the Halloween theme, guys…