Motorola Acknowledges Froyo Issues for Droid X, Promises Fix

A thread went up earlier this week on Motorola‘s support forum acknowledging the issues that some Droid X users are finding with the recent Android 2.2 update.  While not entirely widespread,  a few problems appear to be popping up more than others.  What kind of trouble?  Motorola lays out the details and specifics but they range from getting stuck on the logo screen after a reboot to WiFi connectivity to force close errors. If you recently saw your Droid X pick up Android 2.2, you should know your problems are not isolated and that Motorola is working on a fix.  As of right now, however, there is no time line for a patch.  Follow the owners forum for more help.

  • jdog

    Are they going to fix their Ninja Blur problem.

  • coffeeeman

    Update to 2.2 killed my phone. Only got Motorola logo to appear afterwards. Verizon had to replace phone and since it was just a hair after 30 days of purchase – they sent me a refurbished unit! Definitely last time I re-up with Verizon!

  • Dannyboy


    If you realy raise hell with Vzw. eventually they will send you a brand new phone under the condition you restart your 2 year contract.

  • Whargarbl

    Droid 2 here. There are also issues with this phone. I hate MotoBlur. I also hate eFuse. Thanks for designing my phone to destroy itself if I try to hack it Motorola.

    Never every buying another motorola phone again.