Samsung Releases Galaxy S Froyo Source Code

Samsung has updated its open-source portal with what seemed to be the final release of the Froyo update for the i9000 Galaxy S. It might not be useful if you’re using a carrier-branded phone, like the Captivate for example, but it definitely indicates that your Froyo update shouldn’t be far off.

Users who have installed the update are reporting that their phones still feel a bit sluggish without the famous “lag-fix”, which could be improved in future updates.

EDIT: Before we could even share the good news with you guys and gals, we were advised that it has since been pulled!  Was it released too early?  Not completely finished?  Maybe they want to wait until all handsets get the release before opening the code up.  We’ll find out as soon as we can.

Image courtesy of AndroidCentral

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  1. RidoKilos
    October 14, 14:04 Reply

    All I saw was “Galaxy S” and “Froyo” … False alarm.. lol

    • Thijs Koot
      October 14, 14:24 Reply

      It wasn’t a false alarm, but Samsung pulled back the update. It really was there, as you can see on the image above.

  2. Bah!
    October 14, 15:36 Reply

    Nice how on the same day every other site is reporting that the Froyo source has been removed from the Samsung site, you finally get around to reporting that it was posted. I also love how the “You May Also Enjoy” articles are all garbage “Galaxy S Froyo coming next ” reports. This site is complete garbage. Way to vet your sources.

  3. Lilllis
    October 14, 16:58 Reply

    please help, I downloaded the froyo link from that samsung site last night – i have two files gt-i900_platform.tar.gz and GT-i900_kernel.tar.gz saved on my laptop….. But im not techy like you guys…. what do i do!? Yes i know there are thousands of websites but they all seem a bit advanced for me. any help would be ace!

    • kman
      October 14, 19:22 Reply

      If you don’t know what the files are, then I would highly recommend not trying to install them. Its not a clean process and not without unwarranteeing(sp?) risks to your phone.

    • opiate46
      October 14, 20:28 Reply

      You need to go to the xda forum and check out the developer’s section for your phone.

  4. Wildman
    October 14, 22:12 Reply

    Wireless providers need to get Froyo out on the Galaxy S. The Epic should not have been launched without it

  5. why
    October 15, 07:44 Reply

    Probably pulled because they did not want to release it, even though they have to by law. From what I read (I cannot quote the source as it was in Dutch and translated by a collegue), the 2.2 release still uses the RFS file system.

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