New Virtual Keyboard available for Android

Previously only available for a “fruity” competitor, Exideas has released it’s MessagEase for Android.  It is a condensed-sized keyboard that utilizes the most frequently used letters in the English language and centers them on the keyboard, and then the secondary letters follow.  There are tutorials on the website on how to use this app.  It is a free beta download, and after some memorization, it is a quick way of typing on a smaller screen to avoid fat-fingering letters.  (how many times have you typed “cim” instead of “com”?)

As mentioned, it is a free download, and worth a shot to try it out.  It seems confusing at first, but once you go through the tutorials, it does become easier.  Definitely a viable option for those phones with smaller screens, or just something fun to play around with.  Download it today free from the Android Market, or by scanning the QR code.

  • Pete

    You think it’d be too much for you to tell us what version of Android you need to be running before those of us on 1.6 waste our time trying to download this, only to find it’s not available for us?

    • Pete’s right!

      I’m with you Pete! Now I know I wont be able to use it on my Xperia X10 pro – until there’s an update from Sony – which is a real shame as it would theoretically be of great benefit on such a small screen. In the mean time I’ll stick with ThickButtons

      • Pete’s right!

        sorry I meant my X10 mini

  • Pete, don’t be lazy.

    seriously dude. are you that lazy? it doesn’t even say it in the application description in the android market. why dont you waste more of your valuable time to take more time to write a comment or email to the developer.

  • Vineeta

    Messagease.. downloading.. i really need a virtual keyboard.. as i really type some words wrongly.. Cool.. Enjoy..!!

  • TerenceCruz

    Yeah no.. downloaded it.. sure there is a learning curve, but the keyboard is so scattered its hard to use.. although they were right on with the commonly used letters… still managed to misspell some words… anyhow just not my cup of tea.. thanks for the awesome article.. keep the discoveries comin!

  • There is a keyboard on the market that I think would work better. It uses a predictive text engine to make the next letter you need to type bigger than the others.
    I came across it once but didn’t download it. If any knows the name can you post it here?

    • B-Rose

      John: I believe you’re thinking of SwiftKey Keyboard, and it really is great. I’ve tried literally every virtual keyboard available for Android, and SwiftKey is among the very top.

    • Eugenio

      It’s not Swiftkey, it’s called mmm

      bigbuttons keyboard, something like that

      i dont really remember

  • I agree with B-Rose, SwiftKey is one of the best.

  • deraildoax

    No what John is speaking of is called ThickButtons Keyboard. It works OK, but the ever changing button size freaked me out. I didnt really see what people liked about Swiftkey because I’m one who hates it when it predicts the next word I’m trying to say.

    You know I went thru a crusade trying to find the best T9 numpad for quick input during driving…cough…and so far I figured I should share my findings. Seems that Smart Keyboard Pro has the best one, but you have to pay for it. T9 Predictive Text input works on SKP better than on the Samsungs Vibrants Numpad keyboard. Only issue is SKP is a pay keyboard so it took a long time of me using a stolen APK before I bought the keyboard. Another one that works good is Touchpal(free) but its mainly a Chinese T9 keyboard that also has an English mode, T9 Predictive Text also works but not as good as SKP. It worked good but I’m afraid of giving the Chinese any info about me.

  • deraildoax,
    ThickButtons…, thanks. I made a mental note to look for it later when I first saw it and then couldn’t remember the name or find it in the market.
    I too do not care for having the word predicted for me, although SwiftKey seems to do a must better job than the others I have tried.
    The button size changing doesn’t bother me so far, they are still where I expect them to be just bigger and easier to press accurately although it seems the prediction engine could use some work. ThickButtons needs to buy SwiftKeys prediction engine, or SwiftKey needs to add thick buttons as an option.
    For now I have just installed SwiftKey and ThickButtons, going to try them both out and see if either one is worth keeping/paying for.

  • ben

    There are very nice video’s on this Android website.