Beta Test This! Dropbox v1.0.0.7

File syncing software and service, Dropbox, is testing out new features with a beta release.  If you haven’t tried their free software out, we definitely recommend it.  It’s a breeze to sync files, images, music and more across multiple platforms and users.  We share an internal folder here at AndroidGuys and it makes communication very efficient.   Head to Dropbox’s forums for more information or to simply follow along in the development!  Sorry AT&T users, you’ll have to sit this one out.  Oh yeah, if you need a free Dropbox account, click here and start with 2GB!Features in Dropbox Beta:

  • Added a button in Settings to Clear Uploads
  • Account information is available when offline
  • App2SD now works (though some functions may not be available if moved to the SD card)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed several issues with uploads and downloads
    • Notifications are filtered better, so shouldn’t overwhelm the phone as much
    • Proxy settings are handled better
    • Fixed several network issues
    • Dropbox Service now shuts down when finished
    • Uploading large files should now happen fully in the background
    • .url files can be viewed properly again
    • Better handling of network and authorization errors

Thanks to AndroidPolice for the heads up!

  • NorCal

    I’m on ATT and am able to install it thanks to Cognition 2.2. Working great for me so far.

  • hey that seems to be really a great software.

    I think I should give it a try.

  • And still not a single bit of true sync functionality.
    Upload a file, download a file. I could do that in the browser.
    Add 200 photos to a folder from your computer, they certainly don’t go to your phone.
    Download them all at once, nope can’t do it, one at a time.
    Completely lacking in any common sense functionality.
    It amazes me what passes as an exceptable product now a days and it amazes me even more that sights like this one don’t point these things out.

  • Lank

    ^1.) Many people don’t even have 2gb storage on their phones. If I were to put 2gb of files in dropbox, not only would it take FOREVER for a true sync over 3G, but it would eat up all my storage (so I’d have to go and upgrade my SD). This isn’t an issue for ME, but I’m sure for many, it is.

    2.) Why does anyone need true syncing for phone-based stuff? 95% of the people using this probably just use it to view documents in a pinch. Even a graphically-intense powerpoint shouldn’t be more than 5mb (“shouldn’t” meaning that more than 5mb and you’re probably going to give the presentation on your own laptop because of the fear of a lack of compatibility and performance). I view PDFs, Powerpoints, word docs….quickly and easily with a 3G signal.

    This is for DOCUMENTS AND FILES. No one cares about true syncing. Save ‘true syncing’ for contacts and quick backups.

    3.)As a corollary to #2: you know nothing about marketing. Dropbox is a program marketed to the average android user which is more and more leaning to your middle-of-the-road, average “mass market” type user. With the processing and bandwidth demands for true syncing, you not only have pissed off consumers who are frustrated with the periods of time their phones are non-functional because it has to sync, but ALSO for those with bandwidth-limited plans, they might find that this “convenient” app that has “true syncing” is responsible for eating up their bandwidth (this obviously doesn’t include wifi).

    Dude…just think for an extra 10-20 seconds before posting.

  • So you think the average user isn’t going to take dozens if not hundreds of pictures and want them to sync with there computer/phone.
    I never said it had to be an automatic sync, a manual sync would work just fine. Then you could wait until you were in an area with wifi, solves your bandwidth issue.
    Its a simple option, long press a folder, sync folder. The OPTION still needs to be there.
    Additionally the “average” user isn’t even going to be using an app like drop box. Anyone that does will certainly care about true syncing, most just don’t bother to say anything, probably due to rude responses like yours.

    The app is second rate, and missing common sense functionality. Your response just proves my point. More people will just except it rather than demand a properly functional product which is why we have so many buggy products on the market today.

    You know the saying “they just don’t make things like they used to” its because of people like you who will just except it and use the crappy products anyway.

  • Lank

    ^I get what you are talking about. My point is that no one cares. Why bother investing time and money in a project for functionality that no one could care less about? The option would be nice, and if enough people want it, it’ll show up, no doubt – but what you’re suggesting – anticipating consumers’ needs – it can throw you way ahead of the pack, but WRONGLY anticipating them just dig you into a deeper financial hole. It’s rated 4.5 stars, which say what you may, equates to a 90% satisfaction rate with this app.

    The app as it is now is LEAN, fast moving, and has pretty good functionality. People who want the functionality you describe are likely to just zip a bunch of files and transfer them some way – and they don’t mind doing this – they’re technologically savvy – and they’re the fringe. The beauty of Dropbox as it is now is that it’s almost free of the need to be technologically savvy. It serves best those who need documents anywhere in a pinch.

    You’re not a marketer. You’re more of a designer/developer. Two worlds with a decent amount of overlap. Marketers know what the consumer wants and have the designer/developer make it happen.

    Also I think you mean “accept” not “except.” This really distracts everyone from your argument.