CoPilot Live USA for Android Arrives With One Time $4.99 Charge

The turn-by-turn GPS application market just got a little more competitive this morning with ALK Technology’s release of CoPilot Live USA.  Available for a one-time $4.99 purchase out of the Android Market, the application features 3D guided voice direction with street level maps that are stored directly to your handset.   That means no downloading and rendering on the fly!  We’re having  a hard time figuring out which is better here – the fact that there is no monthly service fee or the idea that it works without a mobile data connection.

Other features include predictive address matching for destinations, millions of points of interest, and 14 days of  CoPilot Live’s advanced real-time traffic information service, ActiveTraffic.  The service, which calculates routes and ETAs based on current traffic conditions, is available as a separate purchase of $9.99 for 12 months of usage.  Click here to download CoPilot Live USA!

  • Michael

    I like my free Google Maps Navigation just fine… 🙂

    • Donny

      Yes, but do you get hit with big usage charges from your phone company? And does it work if you go out of cell service range? I had that experience, and it doesn’t happen with CoPilot. It works even if you’re in a no-signal zone.

      • Wildman

        I wonder how much memory storing the street level maps will take up…

        • Wildman

          Ok, looks like 2GB, not bad if you have plenty of space available on your SD card. I am seeing however some posts about how current the maps are though.

  • Jay

    Was going to get it, but didn’t have 2GB of SD space. Too bad.

  • Tanner

    For $5, I’m going to grab a copy. I don’t really care if it’s not fully up to date, the main selling point for me is that it’ll be a decent backup just in case I lose data or soemthing.

    I can also throw it on my old android phone [G1] that’s wifi only since it doesn’t have a SIM card anymore and maybe make it useful again.

    $5 is the sweet spot for an app like this that I’ll buy basically without thinking about it and not really caring if the maps are out of date since it’ll be a backup rather than my normal maps application since GMaps works great.

  • Jason

    I bought this app a couple of months ago when it was $20 and real-time traffic was around $18. It works really well, especially when you travel to areas with poor data coverage. I use it as a TomTom replacement. The traffic integration with optional rerouting is a nice feature which isn’t available in Google Navigation. Traffic is bad where I live, so the app was worth $20. For $5, it’s a steal.

  • I know if I don’t get this, at some point I’m going to be sorry I didn’t. Might just keep it on a spare micro SD card I leave in my car or somethin.

  • Andy

    Was going to pay $30 but held off. Seen it drop to $20 had to flip a coin. Now at $5 I can’t resist. Even if it only has main highways, if I’m lost and have no 3G, it is going the be the best $5 I have ever spent.

  • Davest

    I paid about thirty bucks for this back when the G1 was new. I haven’t bothered to install it on my Droid, but I may take another look at it now.

    The biggest problem I had back then was that their support was worse than worthless. I couldn’t get their PC app to run (I do tech support for a living – I know what I’m doing), and not only couldn’t they help me, but it took me about a month, and about ten e-mails, before they even responded. I ended up having to download all the maps on my phone, which took forever. Hopefully they’ve gotten their act together.

  • Davest

    Well, that was a mistake. I downloaded the app, and first got a message saying that my “Trial” had expired (I have my original receipt from August of 2009, and sent an e-mail to their “support” – we’ll see how that goes).

    Then, I got the message saying that I was running short of space on my phone and found that, between the app and data, this is taking up 23.25 MB (?!?) on my phone.


  • Mac

    Interesting screen shot… I95 only runs North/South.

    • doc

      It says I-195.

      • Justin


  • gary Mazza

    Buyer beware, i had their CoPilot v8 never got it To work properly, no refund allowed.

  • Steve

    It works well but it is not voice guided turn by turn , it does not speak street names , so I will keep it but only as a backup to google navigation on my Droid X, for $5 you cant go wrong !!

  • Slipped it in

    Any automotive GPS solution without a lifetime map update option and automatic routing around traffic is a big fat fail. For these two reasons alone I’ll take one of Garmin’s GPS units with NuLink over a phone GPS app any day.

  • take more aspirin

    Tired of having to resubmit my original Google receipt from August to keep this service active. It took them two weeks to accept the original at which point I could view the outdated maps that I downloaded. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 dollars or 10, it’s like buying a headache