EXCLUSIVE! Get Two Hot Games for Free from Get Jar Today!

If you were listening to the our Android Guys Thursday Night Droid-Cast last night, you heard Patrick Mork of Get Jar drop to our audience the fact that his company was going to be pouring some love onto the Android Family today.

If you have not heard or read about Get Jar plus, brush up on it here.  In a nutshell, the people over at Get Jar have decided that they want to give the Android community/family free games until December of this year! 

Through their website, you will find the Get Jar plus program, where every two weeks a new game is free for download.  This week you can get “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Force Recon” totally free!  That’s a pretty sweet deal!

Along with the “Call of Duty” game, Get Jar this morning has released the white hot title, the full version of “Angry Birds”! And not only is it the full version for Android, it is the full version FOR FREE!  That’s right!  The full version of “Angry Birds for Android comes in two flavors.  You can get a free version which is ad supported, or you can shell out some coin inside the game and get the ads taken out.

Either way, this is a pretty sweet deal from the folks at Get Jar.  Remember, you heard it on the Android Guys Thurdsday Night Droid-Cast first!  A big thanks goes to Patrick Mork, the CMO of Get Jar who came on our show and dropped the love on us last night.  Now, quit reading and get downloading your free game swag!

  • Taylor

    Wow Ray, you crashed their servers.

  • drdrewdown

    Call Of Duty not available for the EVO 4G =\

  • tekrhino

    How about a mirror site since Getjar is slammed?

  • rob

    Dl link for full angry birds

    • ontheFritz

      is there one for COD?

  • getjarsucks

    How does CoD work on the Eris but not Incredible? Weak sauce.

  • gizmolala

    Downloaded v1.3.5 fom their site but not installing on FROYO. GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrRRRR. 🙁

  • Waleed

    Angry birds on Market ! The Full version


  • archboy

    I don’t see anywhere in the game which you can pay to get rid of the ads in Angrybirds? I thought a later version will come out for that. I certainly pay something to get of those pesky ads.

  • RJ Scott

    “Through their website, you will find the Get Jar plus program” I don’t see Get Jar plus (or GetJar+) on their website. I do see GetJar Apps. Is this the same thing? Oh and I can smell the servers burning from here; they’re being pounded!

  • Ryan

    First time trying out GetJar. I get the text with the link, I open the page, I click on the download button…then I either get a page saying the link is not available or the download starts and immediately fails.

    Last time wasting my time with GetJar.

    • RJ Scott

      @Ryan- I think their servers are overwhelmed by the heavy traffic.

      • Chris

        I agree, they are probably overwhelmed, but assuming getting angry birds was supposed to draw traffic and introduce people to their service, you’d think they’d have planned ahead. Instead of people not knowing about GetJar, now people have a negative impression of it. Marketing FAIL. Luckily you can now get the full version from the normal market.

  • Ryan

    @Chris – I agree, overwhelmed servers aren’t an excuse. It’s a marketing fail when I get pulled into their site by a promotion and their site can’t handle it. First impressions are huge and I know just from that experience, I’ll not be trying GetJar again.

    I actually came back to tell everyone that Angry Birds is now free in the Market…which means auto-updates unlike the backward process used by GetJar.

  • Darkseider

    LOL! Eris is supported but DInc and Droid aren’t? OK. Someone needs a lesson on Android handsets. I still can’t D/L CoD no matter what I try.

  • therealme

    I navigated to the Getjar website via my HTC Desire, got the download, opened it up and got as far as selecting Sound on/Off and it Force closes! Can’t get it to work! Crazy.

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