Full Version of Angry Birds Now Available in Android Market

Enough messing around with getting the full version of Angry Birds. The highly-successful game is now available on the Android Market, which means you can get it directly from your phone, and not have to mess around with GetJar or some back-alley mirror. Getting your copy of the hit game through the Market will ensure seamless updates to newer versions of the game. The application produced by Rovio will not cost you a dime, so head on past the break for the QR code and Market link. Download Link

Source: DroidLife

  • Ravana

    Of course, this is has to happen after I spend 2 hrs tracking, downloading and installing it!

  • casey

    Can’t find it in the market. I’m using a vibrant.

  • Go to the market.. press search.. type in angry birds.

  • Thank you for the info Mike.

  • Dan

    Not showing up in the market on my Hero…

    • Simon Belmont

      It’s not showing up for mine either! I cannot seem to find it at all.

      I guess our only choice is to grab the .apk file and install it via a file manager. Yay!

  • Am

    Not in the market.

  • I am in France, with a Hero : not found

  • Trampster

    Not in market on samsung galaxy s either

  • Kendra

    its not showing up on the g1 either

  • bruce

    Not on the market for me either.

  • Very success of the game is now available on Android Market, which will help you get directly from the phone, does not need to mess with GetJar, or some alley of a mirror.

  • John

    Can’t find it on the market, used the barcode and everything, also tried typing in angry birds. No luck. HTC Aria

    • mike i

      not joy with my wife’s Aria either. only thing I can find in the market is the mirror program which doesn’t work for me either.

  • Jim

    Got it for both my wife and my EVOs!

  • geekster

    still not working for Vibrant..got it on my wifes N1 3 weeks ago and still no Galaxy love… WHY?

  • Downloading it from the Market (Spain).
    First Froyo for my Galaxy S, now this! 🙂

  • Ya um there is no angry birds in the market yet. My suggestion would be to cut back on smoking crack and/or get some help….!

  • I am in the US. Go to the “Market” Select
    ” Games” Then “All games” and Angry birds shows up. Someone at the bar last night could not downloaad it. I think it was because she did not have 2.2. Droid X here and angry birds works good.

    • Thanks for posting this it helped me find Angry Birds!


  • Peter

    Can’t find it in the market. I’m using a Sprint HTC Hero.

  • hector

    MyTouch and I can find it on the market

  • Dilip Andrade

    Couldn’t find it in the Android Market… but then again it just doesn’t seem to work on SonyEricsson X10’s.

  • Diane

    Well, here it is 2 days after this game is supposed to be available in the market and a search STILL shows me nothing available for my Backflip!! What is the deal here anyway????

    • chris

      Me too, i cant find it but there is suppose to be an upgrade.

  • Can’t find Angry Birds at all on the market, tried searching and just tried the barcode in this article. T-Mobile G2 Touch with Android 2.1.

  • volus

    Sorry to be the one to break it to you guys but if you cant find it on the market, its for a very good reason – your phone does not meet the minimum requirements for the game. The game requires OpenGL ES 2.0 to work and currently the only android platform that supports this is 2.2 (froyo). So if you dont have froyo, then simply put, you cant play this game.

    • Toenail

      @volus: Wrong, I can get Angry Birds just fine with Android 2.1 (Samsung Epic 4G)

    • Actually I downloaded the apk in the end, had to free up a lot of space before it would install, but eventually it did and it works. On the Hero/G2 Touch it is a little slow at times but still remains playable.

  • Paul

    Definitely not on market, not with the above QR code, not when I search for Angry Birds, when I search for Angry, when I search for Birds, when I search for Rovio, and not under All Games. I don’t care how many blogs claim it to be there, it is not in my Android Market!!

    Dell Streak, Android 1.6, UK

  • This QR code does not work for me either.

  • Rob

    I have a Samsung Intercept and it is not showing up in my market either! What the hell! Where is iit?

  • Paul

    t-mobile mytouch (first edition) running android 2.2 (froyo) and i can’t seen to find it in the market either by searching for angry bird, birds, or the company name. When i scan the link above the market opens and it says it can’t be found check the spelling etc…

  • Vince

    Minimum requirements would be OpenGL ES 2.0 and Android 1.6 I think. I have it on my Milestone with 2.1, here in Singapore!

  • Niks

    how come i cant find the game on the market?? where can i download it from??

  • Rob

    Still NOTHING in the market for me!!

  • moseylou

    It won’t show on the market for me either. My husband has the exact same phone, same tmobile update – and he got it. I downloaded it from getjar, and it keeps saying that I need more space even though I have enough for it. GRRR. I suppose I’m better off not being able to have what is apparently a very addicting timesuck, but still…very strange to me.

  • Rob

    Still no angry birds on the Android Market for me. This sucks.

    Samsung Intercept.

  • eeee

    There are different versions of Android Market. My version is 1714 and I see it. A coworkers is the new 2007 version and she does not. It appears that it hasnt made it to all versions of Market. Rather ridiculous, but that is the way it is.

  • dnbkittie

    Doesnt show up in market for galaxy s on 2.1. However if u download apps installer and then search in google eithet on phone or on pc n copy across to ur memory card the apk file for it. Search angry birds.apk in google and download. Then run apps installer n it will install. Works fine on my galaxy s so dont understand y wont appear. Probably will on froyo. Thought this phone was supposdd to be one of best android phones wiv fast processor n it cant get this game in market. Stupid!!

  • Elf

    I’ve got market version 1714 like eeee and I cant find it and I’ve tried multiple different searches and the barcode 🙁 any hints (O I’ve got the Orange San Francisco)

  • Najialahmad

    hi i downloaded the angry bird on my hd2 android but its not working can any one help