Galaxy Tab Gets Unboxed For the First Time [VIDEO]

The Android tablet race is starting to heat up, with tablets coming from Notion Ink, Archos, and some from the big dogs, like Dell, LG, and Motorola. However, one of the most highly anticipated tablets comes from Samsung. The Galaxy Tab was announced September 2nd at the IFA in Berlin, and since then, specs and prices have begun to flood out. The one thing lacking was an unboxing of the device itself. Now there finally is one. The unboxing is roughly 14 minutes, so head on past the break to see the device in action.


Source: DroidLife

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  1. Theweakend
    October 16, 11:56 Reply

    I’m actually impressed. How much is this going to retail for? Because if it’s below the $500 line they may give the Ipad some trouble. The over lay wasn’t as bad as I thought it was all that needs to happen with samsung now is back their devices, lets not have another galaxy 2 incident. That said, the things I didn’t like and well keep me from buying it is the screen. I know everyone buys things just because they are shiny, but they really need to invest in pixel Qi or a matte screen at the very least. The second thing was the plug it looked like an ipod plug and if i lost mine an needed another then i’d be going straight back to samsung for a $20 cord. All and all good device buy I’m not buying it maybe I’ll wait for next gen.

      October 18, 08:02 Reply

      looks like an ipod plug but, could be wired differently.

      they can be had on ebay for cheap bucks.

      i have 4 of them for my creative mp3 players.

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