Motorola CLIQ to See Android 2.1 Next Month?

Those of you who have stood by your Motorola Cliq, watching other phones pass by, get ready.  Your day is coming!  Android 2.1 is rumored to arrive at some point in the middle of November.  According to information obtained by TmoNews, T-Mobile is set to begin training their employees on the update come November 7 with the rollout expected shortly after.  Finally a bit of good news for early MOTOBLUR adopters, but don’t even begin asking about Android 2.2!

  • Erik

    Umm right, this is about the 5th release date we’ve seen for a CLIQ upgrade. Do you believe it? I don’t!

    I’m rooting my phone this weekend and going to 2.2. Motoblur sucks the life out of the phone anyway, I’ll be glad to get rid of it.

  • So, maybe this is a stupid question, but: Why 2.1? I mean, 2.2 has been out for what, 4 months now?

    • Tim

      Because Motorola is terribly slow. That’s why.

      • Mark

        And because the Cliq hardware likely can’t handle 2.2, or it can’t handle Flash which most people would look for with 2.2.

        • B

          It’s going to have Flash in it. Even with 2.1. Just like the Cliq XT has with 1.5

  • opiate46

    Ahh…remember when this was supposed to be out in June? This was the phone that was supposed to save Moto’s bacon when they were doing so shitty. It’s good to see that they reward those who got it with lies and inattention.

  • RidoKilos

    Nobody move…. You might scare it away…

  • demonpez

    Motorola, this update schedule is a bunch of bullshit. I’m so glad i rooted my phone. I’m probably gonna root to android 2.2 and drop motoblur. dont need it anyway, clutters my home screen. Motorola, you suck.

  • BillJ

    So glad that I’ll be recycling my Cliq for a new Windows Phone 7 on Nov 8th.

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