HTC Desire HD Starts Shipping in Holland

HTC recently announced two new successors to its best-seller the Desire. The first one, named Desire Z, was equal to the T-Mobile G2. The second one was absolutely the most impressive Android ever seen. This beast features a 4.3″ capacitive screen, a 1GHz Snapdragon-processor and 768 MB of RAM. You thought your EVO 4G was impressive? This handset is on par or better!

First, there was a big release-delay caused by Google, angering the customers who already pre-ordered their new phones, but today the first units of the Desire HD started shipping in Holland. On a Dutch forum a few users reported that the Vodafone shops are having the Desire HD in stock and they are quite satisfied with it. We will try to get one of those as soon as possible.


Image Source: PR Reviews

  • The HD Desire is a very nice phone!! A good way to save battery power on it is to always search using Black Google Mobile at! AMOLED based displays have the biggest savings displaying black instead of white with some units using up to 7x less power.

  • Imre

    Got mine. Loving it!

    • Shydz

      Please give us your impressions on this phone! I can’t wait for it to reach South Africa!

      • Domino

        Do you know when this will be released in SA? I heard from Vodacom that it will take 3 – 6 months. But I can’t wait that long 🙁

  • Drew

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Tmobile in the good ol’ U S of A! This is my dream phone! (drool)

  • Need A Phone

    Drew, would be with you on that, but for me it needs a front facing camera, and I am going to hold out for dual core…however if T-Mobile USA gets this, it is still a step in the right direction, as they have sat on the sidelines and let too many quality phones go to the other guys.

  • andy p

    Frustrating that I ordered mine in September in the UK and now it has been delayed. When I ordered the original desire, sim free , again it was delayed and I had sleepless nights and sweaty palms until it arrived a week later. It was a huge step up from the hero that I had bought in July.

    To be honest, the 4.3 inch display is something that has been missing from the UK market.
    My only wish was that this phone had an amoled display.
    The black levels just make the device a joy to use.

    Imre, how is it? Is it a monster of a phone?

  • Spencer

    I’m going to keep waiting on the terminator. This only looks to be a little less than my droid x and a little better than the eno. Nothing to drool about…

  • who cares

    So, is this device ow stocked in every vodafone outlet in te Netherlands?

    If I taka a 4 h rouad trip, can I expect to bring a baby home or will they only sell with a contract or to dutch citizens or some stuff like that?

  • In Italy we are waitng fro the big HTC but no news till today. I start to think to Samsung galaxi.

  • Dutchboy

    OOHHH Nice !

    Holland Frontpage news @AndroidGuys .

    I Luv AndroidGuys. (noHomo :))

  • Stephen T

    I got a phone call from Vodafone (UK) offering an upgrade today and they said that the Desire HD was shipping today, only online/over the phone for upgrade. The only thing was that they said their first 1000 were already gone and I may have to wait a few days. But they said it was 100% shipping from them at the moment.

    • PreOrder


      I pre-ordered my Desire HD weeks ago…. and i’m still waiting.

      UK – VodaFone

  • Evelyn

    Lost mine this weekend. Thinking about ordering a new one… Used it for internet browsing with the Black Google Nice to save battery which was my big problem with the phone. Looking at the new Desire HD but the screen is even bigger and for videos it would use too much battery.