Rumor: Android 4.0 To Be Named “Ice Cream”?

You know, every employee makes a mistake from time to time. Some people lose a new iPhone, others accidentally put some files online to early…

And some people just say to much, like the president of ARM. Tudor Brown, who is familiar with the Android roadmap,  told Forbes that Android 4.0 will be named “Ice Cream”. This all seems to be quite logical if you keep in mind that Google always names their Android successors after a dessert in alphabetical order. After Froyo, you get GingerbreadHoneycomb, Ice Cream, and much more… Google stays quiet about its future Android versions most of the time, but every company leaks a few things right?

Source: Forbes
  • ikeman

    and next comes jello!!! lol

  • Shayne

    Hopefully it’s Heavenly Hash and not Rocky Road.

  • That wouldn’t be a big surprise… Although I’d be surprised if they went 4.0 that quickly. Has it been confirmed that Gingerbread is going to be 3.0, officially? I thought I read somewhere that Google wasn’t sure on that one.

  • Really? This is news? Every droid site posted the same stupid thing, what a waste of bandwidth.

  • Worry about getting G before H & I.

  • RidoKilos

    How lame. I hope they come up with something better for “I” than Ice cream. (What other desserts start with “I” !!!!)

  • Donut, Eclaire, Froyo, Gingerbread…

    Ice cream?

    Android codename fail IMHO.

  • I totally agree. At least name it Gelato… something with some flair.