T-Mobile myTouch 4G (HTC Glacier) ROM Gets Leaked

Ok hackers and modders – time to start digging into yet another ROM!  The T-Mobile myTouch 4G (HD) is still at least a few weeks away, but the signed ROM has already made its way onto the internet.  If you’ve got the time and desire, you can grab the 311MB file from 911HTC and rip it apart.  I’m no expert on modding (never rooted my phone, SHHH!) but I know there have to be some easter eggs or gems to uncover.  Be sure to share your findings with us should you come across something uber-cool!

  • Matt4542

    Downloading now 🙂

    • Colby Colb

      Matt you are so gay hahahah. let me know if it is flashable son

      • Colby Colb

        opps wrong matt sorry……..

        • junior19871


  • MGnFF61310

    I don’t get y my my touch4g says its a glacier…r they really the same ? N did I make a good choice on buying this phone?