Toggle Me Silly; The Newest Addition to the CyanogenMod ROM for the EVO 4G


Here we are back with the latest and greatest addition to the CM6 Nightly Build #126.  I’ll keep it short & simple this time, just wanted to point out the new toggle switches in the drop down notification menu!  There is now the ability to enable/disable WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS & Vibrate mode.  This is a very welcomed addition to the highly sought after modding paradise we’ve become accustomed to with CM6 Nightly Builds.  Check out the screenshot from my EVO 4G & flash away!!!


  1. actually, you can put whatever toggles you want there, not just the wifi, bluetooth, gps, and vibrate. I’m running the latest nightly for the cdma hero and have wifi, bluetooth, gps, and brightness set for mine. awesome addition.