Rumoured Gingerbread Details

Phandroid posted this article last night, it’s quite lengthy but you’ll want to read all of it. They are giving early details of whats coming with Gingerbread, as well as an incredibly blurry snapshot of the home screen. Surely all these blurry photos of new software/hardware are done on purpose, the fact that a clear picture cannot be taken these days is slightly baffling.

I would take the blurry picture with a pinch of salt, but I’m inclined to believe* it’s real(* read as desperately hoping). From the picture you can see that the task bar colour has been changed to slate grey. I’ve been pining for a change in colour as the cloudy white of the current stock task bar just doesn’t hold up when compared to the sleek black of the Sense UI. You can also see that the launcher icons have been given a lime green colour, apparently this is a key concept in the new UI, there’s more green to match the green of the Android logo.

From what we’ve heard from our source, one of Google’s goals this time around is to work on the look and feel of individual Google apps to make them seem like more of an extension of the OS than just a tacked on accessory.

Other features include the “bounce” effect you see in iOS if you try and scroll past the limits of the current screen. The stock icons have also been redesigned along with support for video chat through Talk like in the browser version now supports. The article does say that Gingerbread may not be ready until early Q1 2011, which puts a bit of a downer on things but looks like it will be worth the wait. For a full list of details hit up the source then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

  • Tom

    “Other features include the “bounce” effect you see in iOS if you try and scroll past the limits of the current screen.”

    No! It looks so childish, gimmicky and cheap, and it doesn’t add anything. The position of the list you’re at is made clear by the scrollbar, and when you’re moving to the beginning/end of the list, you’ll notice it STOPS MOVING.

    Please, Google, don’t make Android some toy.

  • Casper

    I agree with Tom. The bounce effect is one of the most annoying things about using an iPhone! If there is nothing there, don’t hint at the user, even for a microsecond, that there is!

  • Nathan

    ya know, no one has thought, what if google gave the bar options. Maybe in the settings theres an option for black/white. That would actually make the most sense. and i hope there is.

    @Tom: pretty much every OS, and all the custom versions of android have that, people like it. i know i personally do, i could do without it to, but it’s also kinda fun.

  • RidoKilos

    The bounce effect is on the Vibrant and it really doesn’t bother me at all… It *IS* a bit of a waste of coding and not really a feature worth mentioning… But I do catch myself playing with it to see how much lag I have at the moment so I can’t say it’s TOTALLY purposeless.

  • meanmcclean

    (I will try to explain this as explained to me and witnessed on IPhone devices as best as possible). The “Bounce” affect in IOS is more than just eye candy as in many of the native apps when you pull down you are given options/settings for that app. This is apparent across the UI over there. I like it as it takes away the need of a menu button which of course the IPhone does not have. With that said, to add it to Android for eye candy purposes is…..meh. I have the vibrant and it is attractive, but worthless as many of you have explained since we have a menu button. If there will be some sort of additional functionality in this space, it is well welcomed IMO.