T-Mobile TV Leaks Out of MyTouch HD ROM, Now Available for Download

Remember the MyTouch HD ROM which leaked out yesterday? Well, it appears one more goodie has been found besides the ones which were found this morning.  The goodie I am referring to is the T-Mobile TV App.  Yes, that’s right the T-Mobile TV app which allows for you to watch both on demand and live stations.  It is basically like Hulu in your pocket.  Overall, at this point, the app is very attractive, but the video quality still needs work.  I am hoping it is an early build.  Click here for the forum thread to download it! It works great on my Nexus One! Just follow the directions for the free trial!

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • Smarch

    The thread says, “Actually, if you read the agreement, you can go to the HELP tab and unsubscribe from there. There is a checkbox that you uncheck to unsubscribe.” – apparently they might charge you after the first month if you don’t do this?

  • TheAndroidnGuru

    Tried to download in my N1 & it says it was unsuccessful

  • DaveC

    Works fine on my N1

  • DaveC

    A follow-up. I just tried it at work and much to my amazement, it’s working here. The significance of that is that I have a crappy (2, maybe 3 bars) EDGE signal here–not a whiff of 3G. I historically have a hard time getting a streaming app (like Pandora) to work consistently. I’m getting a little breakup of the picture but the sound is staying in sync and is perfect. I read on another blog (Andronica) that is doesn’t work on WiFi but that’s not true. You have to be on T-Mo data stream to initiate the app, but I ran it on WiFi at the house last night, and it was great. Not sure if I’ll stay with the 9.99 plan after the 30 days, but that’s plenty of time to see if it continues to work at the office.