Customizable Synapse-Phone Will Be Pre-Rooted


Having trouble finding the phone that has the exact hardware specs you want? Or maybe you’re a bit of a control freak and want to specify every detail of your phone? Germany’s Synapse-Phone may be what you’re looking for. And besides its customizability, AndroidGuys has learned that the phone will be rooted out of the box.

Employing an ecommerce model like Dell’s, Synapse-Phone provides a base model 1 Ghz phone running Froyo with a 4″ SuperAMOLED display, and lets the buyer customize just about every other detail, raising or lowering the final price accordingly: 5, 8 or 12 MP camera with LED or Xenon flash? Totally up to you. Same goes for the amount of onboard memory, the 3G, 4G and Wifi radios included, physical or capacitive front buttons, whether there’s an HDMI Out, etc.

Full details are available on the Synapse-Phone website*, as well as the ability to pre-order right now. The base model is  €299 (about $415 currently).

*Due to high traffic, their URL is currently redirecting to their Posterous blog. Hopefully the site will be available soon, but until then, Google’s cache of the site is available.

Additionally, AndroidGuys was able to confirm the following information with a representative of Synapse-Phone:

  • The phone will be rooted out of the box with an unlocked bootloader.
  • The chipset will be 720p capable, with either a Qualcomm or TI 1 Ghz processor. (This won’t be a customizable option; it’s just not fully decided yet.)
  • Phones pre-ordered now will ship in February, 2011.
  • The quad-band radio will work on U.S. GSM carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T.

We’re definitely excited to see this phone when it begins shipping. Or should we say if it begins shipping–our concern is that it’ll either be delayed or end up vaporware, especially since the processor has not yet been finalized. What do you think, will you be pre-ordering?

  • Newspeak

    if this really does come out as a real product i won’t stop until i can get one….i hope they can do open source drivers as well ….so there is no barrier at all to upgrades

    i wonder if it will be a google experience device …if it doesn’t have market that would be kind of a bummer

    • Great question. I ran it by my contact there and he says yes, it will ship with Google Apps, including the Market.

      • Hi there,

        You might want to double-check that: it is against Google’s TOS to distribute their applications (market is the key, here) on rooted ROMs or devices. They might have made an exception to Synapse-Phone, but I find that extremely hard, taking into account that they don’t give the exception to their big costumers…

    • Dave


      Don’t they have to open source the drivers? Isn’t that a Android requirement?

  • MrRossicoe

    I know it said it will work on GSM carriers but does that include 3G and HSPA+ for T-Mobile?

  • I am thrilled about the concept but from what I can tell you can’t get a physical keyboard as an option, additionally the Home/Menu/Back/Search buttons appear to be soft keys not physical buttons and finally there doesn’t seem to be a trackball or trackpad, all of which pretty much rules it out as an option for me.

    Would love to see this think ship with Cyanogen.

    • You can choose whether the Home/Menu/Back/Search buttons are physical or capacitive as one of the options. Otherwise, I believe you’re correct: no physical keyboard, and no trackball/pad.

  • Brad Pitcher

    Will accessories (specifically cases) be available for purchase as well?

  • hazydave

    They’re just now deciding on the SOC? Unless the choice is between two pre-made, already existing circuit boards, I wouldn’t hold my breath on a February delivery. It’s not as if you can just drop a Snapdragon or OMAP CPU into the same socket (nope, you can’t… not that they use sockets, anyway).

    As for “works on US carriers”, that is, as usual, quad band 2G and voice: 900MHz and 1800MHz for Europe, 850MHz and 1900MHz for the USA. But most smart phone users are going to want 3G support as well. You need 850/1900MHz support for AT&T, 1700/2100MHz support for T-Mobile, 1700/2100MHz for some places in Europe, 900/1800 for others on 3G.

    So you need four voice/2G bands, and at least five UMTS/3G bands, for pretty good international coverage.

  • Keith

    I would consider it if they offer stock Android (no special builds) and if they get a good track record with updates.

    There are hardware features I would love to have. xenon flash for example, is a big one for me. And not too many Android OEMs offer that today.

    • Adam

      Why would they have a good update track record?

      The phone is pre-rooted which means you can rock whatever you want way before a non-rooted phone. So in other words why even push updates?

  • DroidXcon

    First off i love the concept but most of this will be outdated by the time they get these devices out the door, not to mention all the other holes in this concept.

    Where are they getting this Super AMOLED screen, i doubt Samsung is going to share their supply with a small company,,, look how they pulled the rug out of under HTC and basically cornered the market on the OLED tech (For now)..
    im not saying its impossible to get super AMOLED from other places than samsung but they are pretty much the only show in town as far as production ability. Also i am waiting for a 4.3″ with a high resolution and i believe the type of person who would go to the trouble of getting a customized phone would want something similar.

    1Ghz proc….. again with in the next couple months we will see 1.2Ghz and beyond available and by the time this thing even ships we will have dual core and all.

    Like i said i love the Concept but as is they are behind the curve these guys will need alot more resources and muscle to keep up with the rate of phone growth.

    Just Saying!!