EA buys Angry Birds Publisher Chillingo for $20 Million! (UPDATE)

(UPDATE) Hey there Android Guys Readers!  In our haste to get this story up, we overlooked some of the finer points of the deal that went down between Chillingo and EA.  Chillingo is the publisher of Angry Birds on the iPhone platform, not the developer of the game.  Rovio of course is the developing company of Angry Birds.  Rovio is stating the following on their twitter feed:

So while Chillingo has been bought by EA, Angry Birds is still owned by Rovio.  I apologize for the hasty reporting here, it was not the author of the original post’s fault, but mine!  – Ray Walters

It seems there is news almost daily coming from the Rovio camp nowadays. First there was the release of Angry Birds for Android, gaining the company over two million new users in just under 48 hours. Then, Rovio announced their special Halloween update, adding many themed levels and other really cool add-ons. Now, and quite possibly the most significant update so far, it seems the video game developer EA has decided to buy Rovio for Twenty Million Dollars!

It’s not news that the game is popular. Even the British Prime Minister is addicted to the game, and Rovio has already shown that they have no plans of slowing down. The game will keep getting bigger and better, and now, being consumed by a company already well versed in both the console market and the video game world, Angry Birds will only get better.

It seems right now is a really great time to be developing that “next big thing” in the smartphone world. Angry Birds is really not a complicated game. It’s a colorful physics game with a silly theme, which is apparently the correct ingredients to create the closest thing to a Smartphone drug I have ever seen. Rest assured, this will not be the last time we se something like this as Android continues its transformation into a gaming platform.

  • chahk

    Didn’t EA acquire the Angry Birds’ publisher, not developer?

  • nelzp

    According to other reports, they bought the publisher, not Ravio.

  • No they didn’t. They bought the publisher Chillingo. Not the developer Rovio.

  • You guys are correct, thanks for catching it, it was my fault for rushing to press without getting the second source confirmation. I apologize for that!

  • Why let the facts get in the way of good story. When did journalism become more about being first than being right???

    • Unremarkableguy

      Yes, how dare you make a mistake! Now I will never read this site again! I am going to have to ask that y’all go to bed without dinner.

      • Supaslow

        I read first “got to hell without dinner” 😀

        • Geo Rodriguez..

          Thats my twitter handle that the picture feed is from. I first learned the news from a former editor for Maximum PC magazine. Your not seeing all our conversation on there. But I tweeted directly at Rovio, who is follow me, something along the lines “sell outs”. Threw our conversation back and forth, the facts were discovered. I told Will at Test.com to check his source next time. I just went strait to it.

          • Davest

            So…if they’d been able to get $20M, they’d have been “Sell outs”? As in, it would be a bad thing? More power to them if they can get paid big money for something that they’ve created.