HTC and TomTom unite to bring you navigational goodness!

If you have been following news on the two latest (and greatest?) Android phones coming soon from HTC (the Desire Z and Desire HD),  then you will probably be aware of the new pre-cached maps feature built into the new version of HTC Sense. What you might not know is this maps service comes curtesy of well known sat-nav makers TomTom!

The new service “HTC Locations ” uses preloaded maps from TomTom to provide a “zero wait” maps and navigation system. That means no more waiting for maps to download again and again everytime you want to zoom in or move around a map! The source link also states that although this service will come firstly on the two new handsets in Europe and Asia, it will also “be extended to a wide variety of future smartphones and geographies”.
As an owner of the original Desire, I for one am really looking forward to the new Sense (that is of course if HTC do eventually role it out to the Desire) and can’t wait to try this out!

Maps and location content will come preloaded, while turn-by-turn navigation can be purchased and downloaded through HTC Locations or HTC Sync

Hit the source for more info and as always, let us know what you think.


  • Maxim

    one more bad news for Nokia…

  • ian


    imho i will stick with google maps turn by turn that is free and walking direction included and future updates with no hassle

    thanks but no thanks

  • ian

    thanks but no thanks as i will stick with google maps with turn by turn navigation on my htc hero thanks

  • Nitro Fan

    I wonder if this means we can look forward to TomTom navigation for the Android platform? I do hope so my Co Pilot V8 is utter toilet I wont mind having to spend out again on a TomTom setup just to see the back of it!!!!!!!

  • Need A Phone

    sounds like we are in agreement, Google Maps is constantly innovating and it doesn’t cost me a dime more…keep up the good work Google