Lenovo’s upcoming Tablet opens a bag of Honeycomb

This summer was just plain filthy with announcements of Tablets. Big Tablets. Little Tablets. Talets with Google Market. Tablets with no Market. Tons and Tons of Tablets. Many of them have yet to show up, and even fewer of them looked like “the one” to most. Google put the word out that the real good Tablet stuff would not exist in Froyo, though that didn’t even seem to slow Manufacturers down. Now, according to MobileBurn, Lenovo has stepped up to announce that their Tablet will be different. How, you ask? Well, their Tablet will be running Honeycomb.

There’s no real release date for Honeycomb yet. The world is still waiting for Gingerbread. In fact, we don’t all have Froyo yet! The announcement seems premature at best, but still exciting. They aren’t the first either. At IFA this year Samsung admitted that while the Galaxy Tab would be upgraded to Gingerbread in the future, the hardware giant had a different device in mind for Honeycomb. As the next to step up and give this announcement, Lenovo brought this up during a discussion regarding their plans for Android devices in the future. We already know about the Le Phone headed for China, as well as “possibly a US phone coming out afterwards”, and the Tablet hitting mid to late 2011.

It could be the sign of yet another wave of Tablets that we wont see for another year. It could be the Android hype machine is just getting worse instead of better. OR – it could be the first of some very exciting devices headed our way after the new year. Whatever your opinion, we know that Honeycomb is definitely real, and Lenovo is bringing it our way.

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