Real Sue Gives You a Friend to Talk to

File this one under “things that may creep you out”, but Austin based Real Thing Entertainment has released an app for Android 2.2 users called “Real Sue”, allowing them to have someone to talk to at all times, as long as they have their Android handset with them.  A quote from the press release:

Real Sue provides entertainment for everyone – just talk to her in a normal voice and she always has something to say. In a true first for the Android OS, you chat with Real Sue as naturally as you would with a friend. Say anything and just see what Real Suesays back.
“You might give Real Sue to that child who never ceases to ask questions or that friend who drones on and on, repeating the same old tiresome story,” said Silvio Salom, founder and Chairman of Real Thing Entertainment. “Or you may want to tell your own troubles to Real Sue, who will listen with the sympathetic ear of a therapist.”

Being on 2.1, I am not going to have the privilege to try this out.  If you have Froyo, and need a friend, download it and let us know in the comments what you think.

  • Andy in Indy

    It surprised me when the app replied out loud. It uses your voice settings to talk back to you, but there is no option that I can find to turn this off. You can either speak your input or type into the text entry box. The pattern recognition feels different than the old Eliza programs. Nice little twist for a free app.

    I am not sure why this couldn’t be built on an older version of Android (it must be in the speech recognition)

    Its more fun to play with the different voices than anything else. 🙂

  • Kimberly

    I dowloaded sue, and it’s very interesting. I tested her with math, weather, and general conversation. She is smart and a smarty pants. Lol..she does needs some work but of course that could be the voice app making mistakes or my texas accent. I say ity would definitely break the ice in a awkward situation, lol

  • Steve

    Real Thing Entertainment appears to be based in Australia, not Austin.

  • dazed

    interesting proof of concept, but… this app stinks. and I am easily entertained. uninstalled in 20 secs.