Rugged Motorola Defy launching Nov. 3rd

We first learned about the Motorola Defy from a leaked Tmobile roadmap that popped up back in July. The Defy was (officially) announced by Moto last month as a device that’s made to “withstand all that life throws your way”. Well, we’ve finally got a launch date and pricing for you, and not a moment too soon! T-Mobile tweeted this today, announcing that the Defy will be launching on November 3rd, with a $99.99 price tag. So, if you’re looking to pick up this ruggedized device, hit up your local Tmobile store (or next month to grab one. And to be honest, a tough Android phone with 2.1 at $100 is a steal.

Just for reference, the Defy has a 3.7-inch, 480×854 resolution touch screen, MotoBlurâ„¢, an 800MHz processor, Kindle for Android and Blockbuster preloaded, a 1540 mAh battery, and of course, an autofocus 5MP camera with an LED flash. Not too shabby, huh?

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  • Epicanis

    If it weren’t a non-“Droid” motorola device, I’d really want this. After being a CLIQ victim, though, I really don’t trust Motorola to actually support any of their devices outside of the Verizon network.

    (We’re STILL waiting for the announced-nearly-a-year-ago upgrade to an almost-current OS here, and I’m really not confident that the Defy will even work properly for what I’d want to use it for – Motorola intentionally – and without notice – crippled geolocation of photos on the CLIQ for no good reason that I can find for example, and I wouldn’t want to go to the effort of getting a “rugged” GPS/Camera/Phone device only to find that I can’t use it to take geolocated photos. I also imagine the “Defy” will still be stuck on the same Android 2.1 a year or more from now when everyone’s moved on to 2.2/3.0, while Motorola assumes you’ll just buy a new phone from them again next year to keep up.)

  • monica

    100.00 is that with or without a contract

    • spydie

      Monica, get realistic… $100 for ANY phone without a contract????? Come on.. wake up.

  • Froggmann

    I wonder if this will be more rugged than my original Droid. I can’t tell you how many times that thing has been dropped or thrown. It’s the best freaking phone I have ever had.

    BTW I thought Motorola wasn’t investing any more into MotoBloatâ„¢?

  • jblxxx

    i agree with you Epicanis..I’m also a Cliq victim.