Beta Test This! Winamp for Android

Super popular media player Winamp has arrived on Android today. I can’t tell you how happy that sentence makes me to type. I’ve been using Winamp for my music collection since my Napster days back in 1999. Available directly from the Android Market, the free media application is in beta form which means they’ll want your feedback on how to tweak, fix, and generally improve things. The chatter I am hearing this morning tells me that a lot of you seem to like the app and even think it’s ready for prime time.

If you’re using the beta Winamp player for your desktop (v5.59), you’ll be pleased to learn that they offer wireless desktop sync with your handset! Winamp desktop application (Winamp 5.59 beta required).  Now here’s the rub.  Winamp for Android does require 2.1 handsets and above.  We know that leaves a sizable amount of you guys off the table and we empathize with you.

List of features found after the jump!

Features in Winamp beta for Android:

  • Mobilize Your Library – A complete Android media management solution, that seamlessly syncs with your Winamp desktop library (USB or Wi-Fi).
  • Wireless Desktop Sync – No need to tie your Android phone down. Enable Wi-Fi sync and leave your cable behind (Winamp 5.59 beta required).
  • Persistent Player Controls – Quickly pause, change tracks, manage your play queue, see what’s playing and access the Winamp home screen.
  • Play Queue Management – The play queue is a temporary track listing that allows you to easily select and sort tracks. And if you like, save it as a playlist.
  • Widget Players & Shortcuts – Add playlist shortcuts and the widget player to the Android home screen. As well as enable playback control from the lock-screen.
  • Now Playing – Displays song info, album art and more. Press and hold on the song info to interact with other apps like Pandora, YouTube and the Amazon MP3 Store.
  • Scrobbling – Supports scrobbling with the app installed (on your Android device). Capturing all of your mobile listening history in real time.
  • maxnicks

    Right on! I just downloaded and it works fantastic. I’m stoked that I finally have something to replace DoubleTwist with. In the past I’d always used Winamp until I started using WinMo phones about 5 years ago. I switched to Android about a year ago. It’s most excellent that WinAmp came out with an app. Now I can go back to using WinAmp for all my media.

  • Don

    I love WinAmp. I installed the android app hoping that they would include the equalizer functionality. Huge disappointment there. Oh well. Back to stock music app.

  • Serj

    Mort player kicks ass on android 1.6 anyways, no equaliser, but feature rich otherwise

  • Dan

    Ive been using winamp since mp2’s in the mid 90’s. This is very good news for all!

    Rock on! This kicks Zune and iPods out of the water…

    Bring on the updates (Eq, jump to etc)

  • jxk

    Equalizers are only necessary if your heaphones/speakers aren’t any good. I have one on my Vibrant but only ever use it for a volume boost.

  • Ravana

    The lockscreen really does whip the Llama’s ass!

  • doc

    WinAmp Android does not list most of the music on my phone. This makes it of very limited value to me.

  • Dkv

    PLEASE RELEASE an EQUALIZER WINAMP!!! i’ve got the HTC desire HD and the sound is terribly low…..
    the Eq in Power amp fixes it…. but i really hate how complicated and stupid the functions are….
    winamp is super easy to use… allows Queuing even for playlists(u can add playlists to other playlists and make an even bigger playlist)…and track rearrangment….
    as a previous user of ipod winamp does the job soo well…. jsut need that EQ!!! soon!