Droid X, G2 get Overclocked

That’s right, the Motorola Droid X on Verizon and the HTC G2 on T-Mobile have both been over-clocked! Thanks to the guys over at XDA and Droid-Life, 2 of the premier devices for the Android community can now be taken to even greater potentials. From what we can tell, the Droid X has been over-clocked to 1.1GHz, while the G2 was over-clocked to a whopping 1.42GHz. The G2’s over-clocking is pretty awesome, considering the stock processor only runs at 800MHz, and XDA user coolbho3000 over-clocked it to 1.42GHz. So, this may not resolve the temporary root issue, but it will certainly help with improving the speed and overall performance of the G2.

Interested in trying this for yourself? Check it out for the Droid X and G2, and good luck!

  • Phawkes

    Help its speed and performance? G2 didn’t need any help at all in my opinion. OC makes an already fast and well performing phone do it faster.

  • g2guy

    I have a G2 and it work very smooth even with all the apps running. matter of fact it runs better than some of the 1ghz processor phones. I’ve had no lag issues what so ever.

  • deachgo

    If you overclock a HTC G2 to 1.42GHz… how long does the battery last?