Kik Brings Smartphone to Smartphone Messaging to Android

It doesn’t take much for scrutiny to fall onto Android. One of the problems with rocketing to the top is that we always have little features from other groups being seen as a negative. Most of the time it’s a joke. However, for some, features like RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger is a serious thing to lose. There have been a few responses to BBM in Android, but none quite as efficient and functional as the latest update of KIK messenger for Android.
Kik has been around for a little while, but this last update really makes a huge difference. Once an account is setup, the features at your disposal turn your phone into a Smartphone to Smartphone instant messaging powerhouse. Some of the new features include:

  • The app is now available worldwide. This is one of the reasons why we had to remove the SMS messaging, we could not offer that feature worldwide, and in order to make the fastest, most reliable app it had to go.
  • Usernames have replaced Kik Codes. They were too long and hard to remember anyway.
  • Much more user control – over threads, contact list, appearance. Your contact list will be wiped BUT over the next week – as people you had previously chatted with upgrade to the new version, you will receive a message letting you know (“Your friend _____ has now upgraded…). So people will acquire the same contact list as before.
  • “…is typing” messages.
  • Crazy fast, reliable receipts and overall better user experience.

For anyone who felt that services like BBM were keeping them from exploring alternatives, KIK delivers in a big way, and it’s cross platform, so anyone can use it. KIK is available in the market now, so go grab it and show your BlackBerry friends they aren’t special!

  • Lex

    Why do I need this when I already use Google Voice for free texting?

    • Greg

      Read verification and some people think its easier to chat instead of text

  • Greg

    Does this work for BB if not then its ALMOST pointless. I thought the whole point was to make it so people could chat across all different phones with read verification. Still dont understand why google hasnt done this yet

  • Asdf

    Iphone blackberry and android

  • Raul

    You guys should check out LiveProfile. It is still in beta but I think it is already nicer than Kik. They have profile pics up and running already. Most of their other features should be coming soon. So far they have been releasing nightly updates since release on the Market.

  • roby

    Its only a matter of time before viruses plag the Andoid phones. When people realize how vulnerable , Andriod will come down faster then it went up….I give it one year before a russian hacker makes the truth come out….

    • Someone

      And then it will be promptly removed from the market place, so what’s your point?

      Meanwhile android users will be enjoying all the apps you CAN’T have. Unless you hack your device, but then a virus has already affected jail broken devices – google it.

      Yes, I’m assuming you have a particular phone because only I phonies listen to the crap their ceo spews. To everyone else, nobody cares. (especially android users which see what the app can do with a permission list on install)

      So enjoy your jail! we’ll enjoy our freedom 😉

  • Tera

    Hey – I’m the Community Manager for Kik.

    Thanks for the great write-up on the app, Russell. We’re super excited for the new version. I was most excited about going global so now people can message their friends and family all over the world 🙂

    Let me know if you have any questions…

  • Roshan Shrestha

    Is there any advantage over Google Talk, which is also available for the BB?

    • jason

      ^^ this

    • Joe

      Agreed with Roshan. Gtalk does all of this already (including “is typing…”), across mobile and PC platforms, with additional functionality (like searching through transcripts on your PC).

    • trellis

      Another +1 for Talk. In order to run your phone, you must have a google account. Most phones automatically log you in, so unless you intentionally log yourself out, you are always available to your android friends. Plus, available to your non-android friends that use Talk on their mobile device or computer. While I’m open to alternatives, I’m not open to trying to talk my friends into installing extra apps while they are already forced (as not everyone is root savvy) to have ones that work fine, especially when most androids have limited app space.

  • TheAndroidnGuru

    Can I share a file using kik?

  • Shawn

    How about pingchat, whatsapp, gtalk as mentioned? They all kinda do the same thing.

  • Tera

    They do – but the thing is that Kik Messenger is just the beginning for the suite of apps that are coming. Anything made by Google is always going to have an advantage over a 15 person start-up but I’m confident that the speed and reliability of Kik Messenger is what is going to draw people to it.

    It is going to fit the needs of someone looking to be able to message their friends on other platforms all over the world. They want quick, real-time conversations with a good looking app that works and don’t care too much about the frills. Of course we have file sharing planned for the future but as a start-up time is our friend and our enemy. It takes time to do something so please be patient 🙂

    The next thing that you will see from Kik is a music app that is going to put all the big names to shame so don’t write us off quite yet 🙂

  • I’m testing the app now.

  • Kemerlin Richards

    something is seriously wrong with Kik… I can not log in! Please someone let me know what is going on. Thanks

  • Francine

    I can’t even download it, when i search it in the market it says that it’s not available…can someone please help me? Do i need the 2.0 update in order to download it?

  • Totally Hip

    Privacy Flaw, Sends SPAM, Shares Contact Info w/o Authorization

    Kik has a serious privacy flaw. Kik ties in a person’s username with their email address. Kik then sorts through the person’s addressbook to find potential friends. This is considered a major privacy issue because a user may not want someone that is in their addressbook to know they have a Kik account–but they will because if they have your email address then they also have your Kik username without authorization or adding that person to your friends list. I understand the usefulness of finding other Kik users quite easily but there should be an ability to turn off the feature that allows Kik to search for other Kik users in your addressbook and SPAMMING them with a “you may know” message.

    There’s a reason why Blackberry Messenger allows its users to accept/reject another user before they are able to message them, and that it doesn’t just sift through the user’s address book looking for other potential BBM users.

  • Xochipilli

    Some features are puzzling me (I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S):
    – Kik for Androïd apparently doesn’t prompts new contacts automatically when they subscribe to kik (whereas Kik for iphone does perfectly well).
    – I can’t find the settings to match kik’s accounts with may other contact books (whereas it is very easy to to with whatsapp, another similar messenger for Droïds).
    – I do not receive a pop-up when I have received a kik message, only a little icone in the upper part of the screen
    – I couldn’t find the way to change my status and the menu “settings” is incredibly poor in general.

    Any tips?

  • smoke that piff

    i need some people on kik so add smokethatpiff if your a buff girl 16 – 18

  • RLM1516

    How do you log off manually?