Logitech Harmony Remote App Arrives for Revue (Google TV)

Timed perfectly with the release of their new Google TV Revue, Logitech has dropped the Harmony Remote application in the Android Market.  Designed to run on any version of Android, the app works as a companion remote for the Logitech Revue system.   Customers can use it in place of, or in addition to, the keyboard-based controller that comes boxed with the Revue.  If you have a wireless network and plan to pick up one of these Google TV standalone units, then grab the free application now.

  • I just found out that the remote app works with voice prompt. I can’t wait to try it out and the best part is that it works with controlling my DISH Network employee HD DVR too because they’re linked. I usually like to watch sports while looking up scores and statistics. That’s when my wife starts to change the channel from her HTC in the other room. What happens next I can’t say, but we laugh about it in the end.