T-Mobile, Motorola Seeking Cliq Users to Test Android 2.1

Motorola is currently seeking 2,000 T-Mobile Cliq owners who would like to volunteer for some Eclair testing.  A posting on the Motorola support forum says they are are rolling out a trial release of Android 2.1 ahead of the official update in order to get feedback and help ensure users get the best experience.  Spots will be filled in a first-come, first served basis and will only happen over a limited time frame.  Motorola is advising that Cliq owners might see some functions slower than they are used to with Android 1.5 and will provide the opportunity to go back should they wish.

  • opiate46

    LOL. Fuck you moto.

  • Mark

    Easy Tiger. Better late than never.

    I went to the G2 but returned it and am back to the Cliq. The Cliq keyboard is awesome after using the G2. The physical form of the entire phone is great.

    I am excited that Moto didn’t completely give up on this, it suits my situation perfectly.

    That said, yes, I was previously disappointed they re-neg’d on old promises.

  • opiate46

    Why not a mytouch slide? I’ve used the Cliq’s keyboard extensively and I can’t say I’m a fan. I haven’t really played with the slide or G2 so I can’t say if I like them or not. Oh well, to each his own I guess. I prefer the power the newer phones offer. I have to say that Swype is a nice alternative to physical keyboards.

  • Knight

    I’m sorry but I have to agree with opiate’s first comment there. Moto has been promising this update for a year now. “Better late then never” I suppose you could take a survivor mentality of, “my house burned down, but at least I’m alive”. But honestly, it never makes you feel better then if it had never happened in the first place. Or in THIS case that an update HAD happened about the same time Droid got their updates. OR later still when the other moto blur phones that released with updated Android.
    I gave up my G1 for the Cliq because I had 3 moto phones before and LOVED them, but what moto has really shown is that they were more interested in bringing out more Blur capable phones then updating the current phones released and supporting their consumer base.
    This seems to be an ongoing trend of “screw the current customers, lets get new ones instead”.
    I mean how many phones out there actually last long enough (physically AND technology wise) to last for a full contract of 2 years?
    I’m not saying I want the phone of the future with self upgradable parts that makes your coffee for you in the morning (though I wouldnt MIND if they made one), I’m saying what happened to phones like the V300, or hell even the Razr phones, that you could use for YEARS, well after your contract was up with your provider.
    I am far from a person that is hard on a phone, but a year old phone like my cliq has the buttons faces wearing off, and even a new phone like the G2 have the hinge and phone connection issues.
    I think either stricter manufacturing standards should be enforced OR carrier policies should be more lenient.
    Maybe allowing a $5-$10 a month fee to “rent” your current phone with the option to buy. Currently carriers offer anywhere from 2 weeks – a month for a “trial” period for the phone. But after that you bought it and you’re stuck on contract for the rest of your days. I mean hell you cant even TRADE them in, its just get a new one and throw out the old.
    I believe with the rental policy it puts more responsibility on the carrier (who doesnt want to get stuck with a million units of a crappy phone model) and the manufacturer (who wants to sell their phones). THEY should be the ones working out the logistics, not having consumers be the test subjects or the quality control.
    I tell you if THAT happens, then I’ll join you in saying “better late then never”

  • carlos

    I won’t to try 2.1