T-Mobile’s Tiered Data Plans Get Outed

T-Mobile is joining the growing list of carriers offering tiered data plans.  They nation’s fourth largest wireless provider looks to be breaking their lineup of handsets down into three buckets and assigning available data rates.  There will no longer be a one size fits all plan for T-Mobile now that there are classes of phone: Feature phones, Standard Smart Phones, and Premium Smart Phones.  Users will have specific options based on the device(s) purchased.  According to documents obtained by TmoNews, these will go into effect on November 3rd, which happens to be the same day the Defy comes out.

  • Feature Phones /Lower-end: 200MB for $10, unlimited for $30,  or 10¢ per MB (pay per use)
  • Standard Smart Phones/Mid-range:  200MB for $10, unlimited for $30
  • Premium Smart Phones/High-end:  unlimited data for $30 a month

Anyone got a gripe with these rate plans?  If anything, we like the idea that not all smart phones are considered equal.  It will be interesting to see how T-Mobile classifies their Android phones going forward.  We can already see that the upcoming LG Optimus T is considered a standard smart phone whereas the G2 and new myTouch are touted as premium.

    • RidoKilos

      I’m PRETTY sure that’s what I’m paying right now for unlimited so… No complaints here!

    • Danny

      The real question is if handsets will change categories as they age. The G2 may be hot stuff now, but how about six months down the road?

    • bamauser

      That’s what I pay anyway so no biggie for me.

    • What about non-T-Mobile phones on T-Mo’s network?

      I’m currently using my (unlocked) G1 on T-Mobile, and it would be a shame if I were to be denied data access because they don’t classify it at all.

      • Danny

        That’s a good question. what non-T-Mobile phones out there use T-Mobile’s 3G bands?

        • Me

          The Nokia N900 uses full 3G service on T-Mobile USA.

    • So basically, $30 for unlimited. I’m totally cool with that!

    • Theweakend

      I agree with every one else as long as there is an $30 unlimited option I am happy about this

    • Keith

      I’m actually a Verizon customer with an old unlimited plan for my Droid 1 and that’s what I pay. Those rates actually seem quite reasonable including not requiring a data plan on feature phones. Question is, what is a smart phone? My wife’s LG enV3 was required to have a limited data plan. I forget the $:MB ratio.

    • A S

      Why should it matter to T-Mobile what phone I use? Shouldn’t they only be concerned about how much data I use? What if I have a really high-end phone, but consistently use less than 200 MB per month? In fact, I have an N1 and I always use less than 150 MB per month.

    • ya kknow i love t mob but i have 3 lines and all android i need a family plan thats android friendly for us i pay over 150 a month and thas with ins. com on t mob show me love

    • Anthony

      T-mobile lies about their data plan. They have recently changed the unlimited plan to a limited plan. No one was notified about this change and I would love to find the attorney ready to take them on.

      I signed up for “unlimited data” not 5 gigs of unlimited data and then we will throttle my connection down to dial up speed. I did not agree to this and do not feel I should be forced in to dealing with it. They should at least have given me the option to end my contract with out cost.

      I have been fighting with them over the fact that I simply did not use 5 gigs of data in 2 days to start. The typical response I get in return is “The computer says you did, so it must be true”. I have had that response time and time again. I have at least 5 or more calls in at this point. Including one that I all out disputed the data usage. The reply I got was “We are sorry but we have no way to dispute the usage. It comes from our towers and they are correct”.

      I am not one to sue and I have had plenty of chances to do so however, I beg any attorney to e-mail me, contact me and talk about what they have done. this has to be a violation of my contract I signed when I set up service with their company.

      [email protected]