YouTube Arrives as Standalone App in Android Market (Froyo Only)

Google continues to pull applications out of Android and release them as standalone titles.  Following hot on the tail of last month’s Gmail client is YouTube.  The app entered the Android Market last night as v2.0.26 for Android 2.2 handsets and higher.  And rather than just extracting the same old video player, they’ve made some great adjustments.  Features include a new UI design, the ability to read comments while videos play, rotate-for-fullscreen, and personalized home screens!  If you have a Froyo-powered device, you’ll want to download YouTube immediately.

  • Rick

    Got YouTube installed and looks awesome.

    I think the only Gapp left is Google Talk. I waiting to see what is in store for GTalk.

    • Theweakend

      Hopefully they reintegrate aol, msn, inc inc because nimbuzz is crap

  • ninja4life

    how do u personalize da homescreen i dont get it

  • Mark

    I don’t see it on my N1 (2.2.1). Probably because I’m in Malaysia…