First Look at Android 2.1 Samsung Galaxy Player [VIDEO]

Samsung shows no sign of letting up with their Android love.  After a very successful rollout of their Galaxy S series phones and the upcoming release of the Galaxy Tab, Samsung appears ready to move into media players.  We’ve heard rumors of an iPod Touch-like device for more than a few months now, but we’re finally getting our first look at the real deal.  Called the Galaxy Player, it may be arriving stateside as early as this month (October).  Specs include Android 2.1 with a 3.2-inch screen, 2-megapixel camera, FM radio, GPS, WiFi, and DivX support.  Internal memory options come in 8GB or 16GB with expansion available through microSD cards.  With full Android Market support, this will be a fantastic companion device at its rumored $200-$250 price point!

Hit the jump to see a video of the Galaxy Player.

  • John

    They need to update their video… Android 1.6 Gallery?

    • Chris

      Looks more like their Gallery-mod (though personally I find Gallery3D more attractive, too).
      I’m more intrigued by the currency converter (1:17) though, which converts EURO to French Francs. And here I thought the French Franc was substituted by the Euro 8 years ago ..oh wait, it was!

  • JPope

    Is it just me or does Sammy try very hard to emulate Apple! I mean if i wanted an Ipod/Iphone i would get one…Im just saying!

  • Quentin Dewolf

    I would like to see the media player available in the market for other samsung devices

    • Quentin Dewolf

      sorry i mistook the radio for the media player. it would be great to get a media player with “big” play,pause,next,prvious buttons

  • Todd

    2.1? Good gravy. 2.2 has been out for months now, and they’re releasing a device running 2.1? Fortunately, the Tab will be running 2.2 at launch, but it certainly suggests the 2.3, 2.5, 3.0 (Gingerbread) update will be a long time coming. Well, they will be wanting to launch their Gingerbread wifi only Tab as quick as possible, particularly considering how bad the sales are going to be for the 3g version. I hear nothing but bitch, bitch, bitch over the launch of the Tab.

  • Alex Everingham

    Google Maps is useless on this thing, it only gets Wifi, so you’d never actually use it in a car.

    • Mr Mike.

      Google Maps for Android now supports offline caching. So its most definitely not as useless as you think. ;P

  • Traywis

    I am waiting for this player since August!! OMG… how long do I need to wait more?! …
    I wanna buy it! I didnt have any smartphones or anything like this before so for me it is a good choice!! I wish it had 3G module along with Wi-Fi and GPS)))) but, then I need to pay more – here you pay once and voila! use it as much as you want))))) really, wanna buy it but they are pushing back all release dates! grr

  • CleO

    Why it is not in stores yet? Hmm… I don’t know, but so far it is one of the first Android-based players and I am sure they will have a big future!!!
    Some news leaked that they are going to make Galaxy Player like their Galaxy S but only without cell phone module. and bettew Wi-Fi module))