Massive Gingerbread Man Invades Googleplex!

Lookie here!  I wonder what this could mean.  A giant gingerbread man has been spotted at the Googleplex, hanging out near donuts, eclairs, frozen yogurt, and cupcakes.  If any of you has any ideas as to what this means, we’d love to hear it. (Insert double rainbow guy saying, “What does it meaaaaan?”

  • Theweakend

    Idk if I’m smiling because it’s cute or because I’m getting ginger bread first (nexus one owner)

    • Deus Invictus

      How do you know us G2 owners won’t get it first?, or maybe at the same time

      • Theweakend

        Simply because nexus is still considered “the” developer phone for android. G2 is not still a pretty cool phone though.

        • With new tech. a year old is very old. Your phone is history!

  • TheGoodAir

    This leads me to believe that GB is a lot closer than I had been thinking it was.

  • The Pilot

    Because the Nexus is fully unlocked and we get everything pushed to are phones first, i have had 2.2.1 since it first came out, the update to froyo. That is why i got the Nexus because i knew i would be one of the first people to get it. The Nexus one was designed by google to get people to buy Android phones an was designed to get the updates first and to be the phones the developers use to test there applications on.

  • Michael

    What a frickin’ joke. I’m so sick of Android update news as I sit here with my useless Droid X. It worked beautifully until the 2.2 update. Now the music player doesn’t work, the browser only works occasionally, the phone reboots on its own 2 or 3 times a day. After the ridiculously long wait for 2.2 for my original Droid (which was also glitchy), and since I can’t get any answers on when the fix is coming from Verizon, I’m not very excited about going through urge bs again. How about fewer updates and more testing?

    • Has Droid X here. No problems. Using. Launcherpro. I do know GB will be out a month before it makes its way to my phone. I do love Android!

  • AndroidFTW

    Michael, barking at the wrong tree – The right tree is Motorola ;).

    P.s. You should keep in mind – when you hear ota updates are rolling out, wait for peeps response before jumping on the wagon.

  • To Michael
    Motorola sucks

    as far as gingerbread
    g2 will definitely get more love than the nexus
    I have a nexus one as well as a g2
    so my opinion is completely unbiased
    but the nexus. Evo. And dinc. Are now old technology
    the nexus is almost a year old now. Although I love my nexus. It is what it is
    arm7 baby
    the nexus can definitely handle gingerbread
    but I believe it will be focused on the new processors
    and display quality.
    I can’t wait for the new mytouch
    I believe gingerbread will probably come on that phone
    Because it comes out next month
    and is the first dual core processor phone

    • Ken Pennett

      Totally Agreed,
      I also Have A G2 & Nexus & I am Torn because I STILL LOVE my Nexus but it is what it is…
      My G2 isn’t any better I.M.H.O.
      If Gingerbread or 2.3 brings SWYPE To my Nexus then, Presto Best Phone by Far once again!
      The keyboard was my reason for the G2 & it came with SWYPE, No need for a keyboard NOW? Although better the battery life & display can’t be argued!

      I feel Sorry for Motorola Fans because I never wanted to abandon Motorola E6 back when I got my G1. Motorola is still trying to build cheap Android units & they aren’t going to get 1st updates if they get updated at all! Chances are, each update may just coincide with new hardware releases such as the My-Touch.

      PS: I can’t stand the name My-Touch… but I have seen the phone around the office 😉 I didn’t really play around with it BUT It Looks SWEET!!

  • masterpfa

    Well I think we can all look forward to an official announcement for Gingerbread now and no more speculation as we have had to put up with since Gingerbread was released as the name for the next version of Android.
    Hoping my Nexus doesn’t get left behind (I don’t think it will!) but as has been the case in the past Google/Phone manufacturer will release a new phone and operating system in tandem.
    Only 2 months left for the end of the year so November is looking like a likely date for the announcement if not the release.

    • TareX

      Your Nexus is

      I hate that Google ended the Nexus experiment. I wanted to get their next-gen Nexus this holiday season.

  • TareX

    If Monday isn’t the big day, then this was just a huge tease.