Rejoice! Android 2.1 Comes to Motorola Cliq

Less than a day after we reported that Motorola was looking for Cliq owners to test out Android 2.1, we’ve learned that the update is available for all.  A posting on Motorola‘s support forum is providing details on how to go about grabbing Eclair for your one year old phone.  It’s worth pointing out that this update requires a USB cable and a microSD card with at least 100MB of free space.  If you count yourself among one of those still holding onto a Cliq, head to Motorola’s forums to download your update.  Welcome to the land of turn-by-turn navigation and voice search!

Thanks Doug!

  • Now if only they would get off their tales and get the update out there for us Backflip users.

  • Dan F.

    Not yet available for all – that download link was just for the soak test. It has now been closed, and will be available to everyone else later.

  • victor gonzalez

    how do i upgraded my cliq???

  • so close, yet so far…this has been the story with the cliq since launch. One of the most disappointing technology purchases I’ve ever made. I guess I’ll continue to wait until testing is done. At this point, it’s almost retro-cool to be running 1.5…

  • whaddaya expect

    It’s not a surprise that moto sucks this bad anymore. They’ll only continue to upgrade their droid line and forget about their other phones…. Oh, and for the record I was selected for the soak test and the install would completely refuse to work so you’re not missing anything special…just root at this point I guess.

  • Got it, love it

    I was as aggravated as anyone over the delay in the 2.1 upgrade. But now that I have it, all it (pretty much) forgiven. I’m able to get apps I want (like Kindle), and while it’s a bit a of a space hog, it’s absolutely an improvement. The turn-by-turn navigation is awesome. The Blur experience is downplayed, but there are much as you want it (or don’t). Really like being able to resize apps on the screen.

    It sucks that people who want it don’t have it yet, but hopefully that will be soon!

  • Chuck

    ” This page is currently inactive as prelaunch testing of the software is underway.
    The page will be reactivated when the testing period is complete.”

    Like, when? Maybe never?

    When my contract runs out a year from now I will be very wary of any Motorola/T-mobile offering. Hopefully AT&T will have improved its infrastructure by then.