Sony Drops More Details About X10 2.1 Update [VIDEO]

The Sony Xperia X10 is a nice looking phone. Sony has always had a bit of style when it comes to their products. Unfortunately, they don’t always make the best software choices. Such it was with the Xperia X10 and the X10 Mini. While the Mini may not have any hope, the X10 brought about a seriously nice looking UI, but sacrificed a modern version of Android in the process. It was a bad move, and one I think Sony regrets, as it stops them from becoming a real player in the Android phone market. In an attempt at redemption, the Sony Ericsson blog has been regularly updating us on their progress with 2.1. While this still feels like a step behind, given most phones working towards 2.2, Sony’s update brings about some really nice UI fixes, and integrates some critical 2.1 features into their custom UI. Here’s a brief video with some of the changes.


Is it enough? We will know once the update comes out. The video does show some impressive UI changes, and it is worth noting that the video was recorded using another updated X10, so we also know that the updated software for the camera looks very nice. While there is still no active release date, X10 owners at least know the update will bring them some great new features.

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  1. Theweakend
    October 22, 17:19 Reply

    I was going to buy one of these over my current nexus one although i am not unhappy with my choice i still think the x10 ui is so pretty

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