TransDroid – Get Your Torrent On!

I don’t know anyone who does not use Torrents for something. Everyone uses it for something, I won’t get into details as to WHAT you use it for – you already know. The point is that everyone uses is in some form or fashion. Some of the programs have web based management consoles, and some have mobile web functionality, but nothing really covers all of it. Welcome to TransDroid!

TransDroid is simple. Set it up to talk to your at home Torrent client, to which tons are supported, ad that’s it. You can add downloads wherever you are, and it starts instantly on your computer at home. Not sure what you want? Search functions across all of the major Torrent sites allow you to browse for something good. Walking through Best Buy and you see something really great? Snap a pic of the barcode, and it searches the web for a suitable torrent. It let’s you know when downloads are complete, and gives you control of the speed and performance of the download. This application is your mobile command center for your downloading pleasure. My biggest issue now is paying for a bigger DropBox, so I can have the files I want right on my phone when the download completes.

Mobile integration on this scale is incredible, and remote systems like this should exist for every facet of our computer usage. I would love nothing more than for my home computer to be a monitor-less thing that plugs right into my TV and is completely controlled via my phone. Not by some screen grabbing or Gmote style app, but by an integrated solution like TransDroid. The app is free, but is also available in a $2.88 donate version. Have you met your #PaidAppPledge this week? Do it with Transdroid!

  • tommy

    i though this app showed gay porn when i first read the title lol

  • RM

    A future for this on Google TV anyone?

    With this app……down goes CBS, NBC, and FOX’s attempt to block content. Give it to us on your native sites, or USERS WILL FIND A WAY AROUND YOU. Jackasses.

  • Adam

    Um… did you guys forget about Torrent-Fu? That app has been doing this exact same thing for well over a year…

    • Kevin

      Transdroid is pretty damn old too. I’ve never tried torrent-fu, and I think that’s because it doesn’t support rtorrent. One big attraction of transdroid is that it supports many different torrent clients.

  • Brian

    I’ve never used a torrent for anything. Now you know someone. 😉

  • bob

    i only use that p2p protocol to download wow patches otherwise i wouldnt touch it, awful horrible slow system.

  • Jesse

    This isn’t a new app. I think they just decided to review it.

    Anyway, in my opinion, this is the best interface for Transmission. I find myself using Transdroid even if I’m sitting in front of my computer at home.

  • DirtyTre

    I’ve been using this for a while. I love it. I can browse new torrents on the go and start the download…

  • Steve

    The Android app equivalent of “pics or it didn’t happen” needs to be “links or it isn’t a review”. Thumbs down for making me retype the name of the app. Start adding links and barcodes for the apps you review.

  • Thanks for reviewing Transdroid and even more glad you enjoy using it! For those interested: the website can be found at and is already much more advanced than seen in these screenshots. Oh, and it’s spelled Transdroid, not TransDroid. 🙂

    @RM Transdroid should work on Google TV the moment Google gives third-party developers the possibility to offer apps there.

  • sourabh

    check out swarm torrent it’s not a remote control for torrents, but an actual torrent client for your android phones!!

  • Lank

    I enjoy having this app, but don’t use it much.

    ^sourabh. That’s cool. I’ll check it out. Only question: isn’t that a surefire way to run up a data plan?

  • trouble

    I can’t get transdriod to work, tried every thing.

    • Shakir491


  • Have you met your #PaidAppPledge this week? Do it with Transdroid!