Motorola looking to pull Cliq 2.1 ROMs

We’ve just gotten a tip that Motorola is asking members of their forums to post links to modded Cliq 2.1 ROMs. Motorola plans to take down the ROMs that talented developers worked ever so hard on, claiming that they want Cliq users to have only the official release. According to Motorola, some Cliq users would download a modded ROM, not knowing the difference between it and the official release. Motorola is trying to ensure that Cliq users get the correct update, but i think they’re going about it the wrong way.

This is a somewhat arrogant move on Moto’s part. First, they delayed the 2.1 release from Q2 to Q4, and now they’re trying to take down modded ROMs for the Cliq. Maybe Motorola is just jealous that people in the Android community got 2.1 on the Cliq before they did, but we’ll leave that one up to you. Just when we thought Moto was on the right track, after unexpectedly releasing 2.1 for the Cliq last week, they go and pull something like this. How sad.

  • Motorola Mobility corporation has consistently and aggressively demonstrated that they’re still fossilized into an old mindset from the 1990’s of insisting they retain ownership of the phones even after an unsuspecting customer actually buys one. They’re “communication” with their customers is entirely made of that bizarre and irritating pidgin-English that can only be produced by passing an actual useful statement through coroprate marketing and legal departments like grass passing through the stomachs of a cow (with, ironically enough, the same product emerging from both corporation and cow), and is entirely one-way.

    I think Motorola Mobility corporation is just aping Apple, hoping they’ll get the same massive profits from the same sort of iron-fisted control, not realizing that if we WANTED a stale, sterile, locked-down corporate “consumer experience” of the sort that we found Motorola was insisting on giving us we’d have just bought iPhones in the first place.

    The only reason they’ve pretended to care about their Verizon customers (certainly more than customers anywhere else) is, I think, out of desperation to lock in enough market share before Verizon gets an iPhone that Motorola will have to compete with.

  • rbeier

    This article is misleading. The thread is asking for links to sites “mirroring” the official release or links claiming to be the official release. It says nothing about modded roms.

    I am not happy with motorola and they have done a lot of things wrong, but this article is some really bad “reporting”.

    • True, but they’re also looking for modded ROMs. if you look at the 4th line of the Moto post, it says “Mod community files that may mimic the official upgrade”.

  • tonym

    I would suspect the words “or Mod community files that may mimic the official upgrade provided by Motorola” may be where the idea came from that they don’t even want modded versions like barely blurred, adlxmod, j_r0dd, etc.
    Motorola are a despicable company, saying they would upgrade Asiapac DEXTs to 2.1 in Q3, and now pulling the rug from under unsuspecting recent purchasers and deciding that all DEXTs world wide would not be upgraded.

    I say we do all we can to keep modded versions of firmware available so people other than t-mobile customers can enjoy the phone for what it should have been in the first place, a handset with eclair, not a dodgy bug filled cupcake piece of junk (not that any of the 2.1 releases Moto has “leaked” so far are free from bugs, they have nasty DNS issues when going from wifi to 3G and vice versa for example, but at least their eclair efforts have some better options, like multi-select for emails, contacts etc).


  • Richh

    At least the cliq has the update, here in the eu, our version of it, the dext was promised the upgrade as well then moto backtracked aand early adopters are left on obsolete version. Moto only care about getting units to market and not about customers at all #motofail

  • Are there similar plans to have Android 2.2 / Froyo on the HTC Hero? I think that it would please many many people!

  • rags711

    Thats why ive since left moto and refuse to by anymore of thier devices. Sorry to say it but the cilq was my worst android experience only because of the outdated software.

  • Insanity

    Why not just get a couple people to make a few different torrent files out of it and post it on a bunch of public trackers. Not that it really matters, usually once something is on the web, it is there to stay.

  • counsel

    The phone is yiurs, but the software on the phone is protected. Ask how Google’s Android OS can be modded, and you must go to the license…

    Oh, you think you own the movie on that dvd you bought? Nope… You purchased a license to watch the movie off of the dvd medua it was stored on at a factory…

    Joe Public needs to br aware whst they are buying AND tge terms under which the purchase is made… Don’t like the EULA? Fine… Just don’t buy the product.

  • Hobok

    Wow. Your information is quite incorrect. Did you take the time to read the post in the Moto forum? This is going to hurt your credibility.