T-Mobile TV Heading to Samsung Vibrant, MyTouch Slide

TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile TV will soon be heading to the MyTouch Slide and Samsung Vibrant.   TmoNews just got a snapshot containing an announcement that an OTA will be heading to handsets “during the last week in October”.   Overall, from what I have seen, T-Mobile TV is a pretty sweet.  For those who do not know about it, it is a streaming service that will bring ABC, Fox, and Disney shows right to your handset.  Pretty darn cool.  I know I can’t wait to use it on my Vibrant.

Are you psyched about this news? Let us know in the comments below! Oh, and also let us know if you are upset that the G2 was apparently left out of this update.

Source: TmoNews

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  1. dr. droid
    October 24, 14:16 Reply

    Already have it on the g2, so definatly not upset. The 30 day trial is pretty good.

    • k-mack
      October 24, 20:14 Reply

      how do you have this on the G2? where did you get it? did you have to root your G2?


  2. Thorpeland
    October 24, 14:23 Reply

    Another nickel and dime subscription to pay? No thank you. Id rather setup a Slingbox, buy the app and stream my own TV and DVR to my phone.

  3. Will
    October 24, 15:43 Reply

    I don’t care about another “possible” subscription opportunity. I just want the android 2.2 update that was promised. Also I want my live wallpapers on my MyTouch Slide. I got android 2.1 without live wallpapers. That was one of the biggest selling points in having bought a newer Android phone. Now I don’t have live wallpapers. What a jip.

    • jxk
      October 24, 18:25 Reply

      Try ADW.Launcher in the market.

  4. Snake
    October 24, 16:38 Reply

    I have it on my vibrant

  5. DaveC
    October 24, 20:29 Reply

    I was using it on my Nexus One today while at the mall with some time to kill. Works pretty good on WiFi. I won’t, however, be paying 9.99 past the 30 day trial.

  6. Darthdroid
    October 25, 01:26 Reply

    so is this a OTA update for the N1 as well?

    • DaveC
      October 25, 08:37 Reply

      No, it’s extracted from a leaked ROM. Go search on XDA. I posted a link in an earlier comment but it’s being held for moderation.

  7. money mo
    November 02, 09:54 Reply

    Still stuck with mobitv I never got an update.

  8. bugman
    November 03, 16:51 Reply

    I got the update today in the Android Market on my Vibrant. It lets you download videos too! It replaces Mobitv

  9. Ricansquat86
    September 15, 14:06 Reply

    Im real upset that t-mobile tv was left out for the g2. I love the g2 and I a think the g2 is a awesome phone

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