Android Market Officially Eclipses 100,000 Apps

If you’re like us, you probably follow the Android Developers team on Twitter to keep up with official news and announcements.  If you don’t, then you would have missed the recent tweet that officially pegged the Android Market with 100,000 applications.  Congratulations to Google, the Android team, and everyone who has helped push the Market forward!

  • bob

    shame 90,000 are just crap

  • iamallama

    Agreed. If we only had a marketplace that can filter that crap out.

  • Lank

    If we only had a marketplace that can filter that crap out WITHOUT turning into the App Store.

    • Deus Invictus

      Yea but even the app store doesn’t filter that crap out.

  • staciedaisy is a good start, they have a long ways to go tho.

  • Curration now

    Well start your own review blog or make a curator app. Dedicated curation is often needed to deal with this kind of stuff, but curation should not be censorship.

    Essentially you don’t want to rely on “crowds” here. You want to rely on people who care enough to spend time to really evaluate a few apps.

  • chris

    appbrain helps me retain my sanity compared to the marketplace.