Leaked Document Shows Sprint’s Galaxy Tab Launching November 14


Android Central has come into possession of a leaked internal Sprint document which tips the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Tab for November 14th.  This puts the 7-inch Android-based tablet just two weeks behind the Verizon model.  The document doesn’t indicate pricing but we cannot imagine it will be much different than the $599 off contract sticker that Big Red is asking.  

The internal sheet also refers to a white version of the HTC EVO 4G, which as many of you know, has been a Best Buy exclusive so far.  Look for that to arrive on the November 14 as well.  Looking further ahead, the calendar lists the Motorola i886 with a January 9 release.  With that being the case, we can expect to see this guy in Las Vegas at CES 2011 as it runs the same week.